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ZionFire Resource Room - HelenaZF - 02-19-2006

ZionFire has various resources available for purchase for banner & flag makers and movement worshippers.

Some of the offerings are: ZionFire's Banners & Pageantry Course, Resource Packets, books and publications, patterns for flags, pennant kits, and more.

All these and much more are now available through our online store. Check out the ZionFire Shoppe

Flag patterns available for $25

[Image: FireFlag3.png]...Fire Flag, $275

[Image: WingFlags.jpg]...Wing Flags, $175/pair

ZionFire Resource Room - HelenaZF - 10-16-2006

"Many Colors" is a symbol of the Father's favor, as illustrated by Joseph's coat of many colors. These streamers are for celebration!

Eight foot celebration streamers attached by swivels to a 18" goldtone wood dowel. Streamers are approximately 6 inches wide of jewel-tone sections of silk essence (polyester microfiber silk look-alike fabric). Side streamers are 1/4" gold mylar.

$35 each. Includes shipping.

Solid colors: $25 each

<URL url="http://zionfire.com/shoppe.php#streamers"><IMG content="http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v708/hltpix/zionfire/streamerayu1.jpg">[Image: streamerayu1.jpg]

<URL url="http://zionfire.com/shoppe.php#streamers">Celebration Streamers and other worship extensions and patterns can be purchased in our online store:

<URL url="http://zionfire.com/shoppe">ZionFire Shoppe