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Welcome CEC convocation participants - HelenaZF - 08-04-2008

Thanks for clicking the link and visiting! Our hope for this new forum is to provide a place for you to have discussions of the issues that you face in developing the worship in your churches. Fr. Dean Schultz had a memorable exhortation in our panel discussion at the convocation. It was "remember that God is interested in the process, not just the result". We can, together, work through some of the knotty issues and challenges that come to us as we pioneer convergence worship in the CEC.

If you are looking for our class article to download, it is in the the topic in this forum called "movement and liturgy" marked with our ZionFire logo.

We had a great time meeting you and working with some of you in the pageantry/dance offerings. Let's continue the fellowship and grow together.

Also, welcome to anyone we didn't get to meet...we are looking forward to getting to know you.

We'll be adding more content to this forum in the coming days. Please feel free to start topics or ask questions, and avail yourself of the resource links and downloads posted here.