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soaking worship - soaking prayer - HelenaZF - 05-09-2008

Does anybody do this anymore?

I'm talking about those times when you stop looking at the clock and just continue to linger in the presence of the Lord, alternately adoring and interceeding as the Spirit gently leads. Some call it harp and bowl worship. (Harp - music / bowl - intercession)

I remember in the 70's and 80's the reports of miraculous healings that came out of those times of extended worship and intercession that could go on for hours into days. The prayer had a focus---for the healing of a certain person, and the participants would worship and pray and receive prophetic words and then worship and pray those words. They would keep going until there was a breakthrough or they felt the time had come to completion. I have been in conferences and meetings where worship continued for extended times, often many hours. In recent years, I haven't seen or heard of that happening much. Do you think the season has passed? Do you participate in this type of worship currently anywhere? Love to hear thoughts on this.

soaking worship - soaking prayer - DeanZF - 05-24-2008

It's almost as though the state of our day-to-day lives has not just invaded out personal lives, but overWHELMED them!

I know that there are still charismatic/full gospel type congregations that have extended times of worship in combination with extended times of teaching and ministry. So very many congregations have shortened their weekly services, bowing to the clock (IMO, of course) in an effort to be "respectful of people's time". YOY! Why not introduce them to the concept of setting aside time specifically to spend time in His presence, planning on it. and then DOING it!

We are too busy for God? My time not in church is more important than meaningful time in His presence? Sad that churches bow to that sort of perceived cultural pressure or influence.

Again, IMO.

soaking worship - soaking prayer - sonworshiper - 07-23-2008

Hey guys! Ah the joy of soaking!

I introduced my bestfriend to soaking last year, and we'd get together and spend time sitting or laying in the presence of God listening to some free soaking music that I found online. . . it was a great time.

One day at church our pastor preached on soaking and then I put some soaking music on and we all just sat and soaked (or were supposed to) and then some of us shared the experience with each other.

As far as church goes--we have spontaneous / prophetic worship times regularly during worship. .. but not specific soaking times.

It's a time consuming thing. . .wonderful as it is. . .and I think we're losing touch with it. One church in our area used to have soaking "services" every Sunday evening. I don't know if they are still doing that or not.

A friend of mine who I haven't seen in a few years said to me last week. . ."tongues are kind of passed these days". Which I thought was interesting, because to me, prayer languages are so incredibly important.

It's kind of like taking the time to visit certain websites that you really love, and chatting with friends that you just love. . .but can't always find the time to do it!

I've missed you Dean and Helena!




soaking worship - soaking prayer - HelenaZF - 07-26-2008

Nice to see you pop in, Moe. Smile

Also nice to hear that there are still some people spending those extended times in the Lord's presence as a church body.

Sometimes, it seems to me like we go through phases of understanding, and then we kind of corporatly "lose the revelation" as a new season of something else begins.

soaking worship - soaking prayer - sonworshiper - 07-26-2008

Quote:then we kind of corporatly "lose the revelation" as a new season of something else begins.
That's exactly it! Smile That, and the fact I think, that we get lazy and / or do not want to put the "time" into it! Soaking is not a quick fix--it takes time! And we are after all an instant gratification society!