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History of messianic/davidic worship - Dave - 01-31-2008

Forgive me if this is something I've asked about before - I've been thinking about it recently.

There seems to be two main strands that have contributed to what is called davidic or messianic worship.

the ICEJ Feast of Tabernacles
the Messianic Jewish movement

Whilst both have changed over time, and there has always been differences, equally, there are significant similarities. They both celebrate the jewish feasts using hebrew-sounding music, dance (frequently israeli-style including congregational), banners, and sometimes pagentry. Both strands trace their origins to the 1970s and both use the term davidic worship.

I'd love to know to what extent each strand influenced the other, which, if any, came first, and how it all evolved. Any ideas?

More recently, the term "extravagant worship" has come into use, primarily from Hillsong and Darlene Zscheck. A related question would be to what extent the davidic worship movement has influenced this.

Of course, perhaps we should start by trying to define davidic worship and extravagant worship....


History of messianic/davidic worship - HelenaZF - 02-01-2008

I think awareness of it all came sometime around the very early 1980's with the ICEJ Feasts that were just beginning and focused attention on Davidic worship in a world-wide way. At the same time, notice was being given to the rise of Jews for Jesus and the musical groups "Liberated Wailing Wall" and "Lamb".

I'm sure some of the early Feast celebrations drew their music from these sources as well as from Merv and Marla Watson and others. So in my mind, the two things are inextricably intertwined.

As for the term "extravagant worship", I think it was used long before Hillsong by teachers such as Charlotte Baker and Fuschia Pickett who were pioneers of the expressive worship movement. And their influence pre-dates the 1980's possibly by a decade or more.

History of messianic/davidic worship - Kinsman Arts - 05-28-2011

I know this doesn't help much, because I have no idea how it came about - all I know is that I've been a part of a non-Jewish Messianic Assembly for a good 6 or 7 years, and that there's tons of them. There are alliances and unions of them. There are also different denominations of Messianic like the Netzarim or the Sacred-Namers, but ours is a non-denominational, unaffiliated Messianic which used to be plain old Pentecostals back in the day. The actual "Messianic Judaism" is simply considered "the mainstream." I know that probably had nothing to do with your topic LoL...