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Florence Mary Ball - Dave - 08-16-2007

I posted this a few days ago on another group, but thought it might be worth including it here as well.

I am sad to have to inform you that Florence Mary Ball went to be with the Lord on August 3rd.

Florence Mary and her late husband, the bible teacher Dennis Ball, met Bill and Paula Douthett at the Post Green Community (a key group in the early days of the charismatic renewal in England) in about 1975 and together they started the Arts and Christian Teaching Services Trust. Paula was the founder of the Sacred Dance Group of Boulder, Colorado, but subsequently spent much of her time in England.

Florence Mary joined with Bill and Paula and they formed the core of Sacred Dance Ministries International. They attracted other dancers, travelled worldwide and played a pioneering role in the early development of dance ministry. They were dancing for the Lord at a time when dance in the church was virtually unheard of, and I think it's fair to say that they inspired a whole generation of dancers. She continued to work with Bill and Paula until recently.

Her funeral is on August 21st at Blandford Forum Parish Church in Dorset, England, and I'm planning to go. Please remember her friends and family in your prayers.

Hopefully some people reading this will know who she was. If anyone would like more information, do let me know. It's only fitting that we acknowledge her significant contribution to Christian dance. I suspect we'll be publishing an appreciation in the CDFB newsletter and I'm sure that more details about her life will become known.