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blessing Israel - a priority? - HelenaZF - 03-07-2006

The Holy Spirit has been bringing several scriptures to my mind over and over in the past few weeks.

"First to the jews...." (Romans 1:16)

"I will bless them that bless you [Israel]" (Genesis 12:3)

And again, the thoughts of giving honor--and focusing time, treasure and energy for those things we desire God's blessing--is swirling in there as well.

As artists, ZionFire has always produced ministry that points the church to her Jewish roots, and celebrates the worship of the psalms and of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. But frankly, we have never been in a position to financially support other ministries on an on-going basis, except through the offerings of our hands and of our time.

Dean & I have recently begun to sacrificially support a ministry that is in Israel, bringing life to Jewish people there. I say sacrificially, because we are committing money that we don't have and are trusting that God will give us the seed to sow for His purpose. But we both feel that it is a time to do that, to bless Israel, and to support those that bring the message of Jeshua's love.

I'd just like to ask a couple of questions. Are you in a church that puts a priority on these two directives? Does your church reach out to the Jewish community in your area, or support a ministry that does? Do you have a personal conviction to do something tangible in support of ministry to Israel?

blessing Israel - a priority? - restorah - 03-08-2006

I think that one major topic of discussion here is "Who is Israel"? Now, don't start thinking that this is about replacement theology, because it absolutely is not. However, it is about recognizing the the Jews are only 1/12 of the entire house of Israel and YHVH is about the business of restoring the whole house of Israel, gathering the outcasts of Israel and favoring Tzion.

We have to evaluate who we are blessing and reliazing that, just as we give to a church, that does not mean that our tithe is being used for the Kingdom of YHVH. The church could be corrupt or the money be used to help those that are anti-Israel, or.... you get the point.

My point here is that helping Israel is, indeed, about helping, blessing, praying and loving Israel is good. Yet, Israel can be a whole lot closer than on the other side of the world.

As a side note, look in scripture where it says to pray for the peace of Israel vs. to pray for the peace of Jerusalem. That opens up a entirely different can of worms of WHAT Jerusalem is vs. just a city that is the complete opposite of peace.

blessing Israel - a priority? - HelenaZF - 03-09-2006

Quote:My point here is that helping Israel is, indeed, about helping, blessing, praying and loving Israel is good. Yet, Israel can be a whole lot closer than on the other side of the world.

I think that premise of "first to the Jew" can be certainly be carried out in different ways, as you mention, and not necessarily by sending money to ministries in geographic Israel. Perhaps you can elaborate on some practical ways to do just that, and some ways you think support and comfort for Israel could be focused.

This is an excerpt from <URL url="http://www.davidstent.org/pray.htm">David's Tent - the prayer page on how to pray for Israel. (the ministry website of Avner and Rachel Boskey)

Quote:5. God commands us to seek the spiritual and physical good of the Israeli people and to pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psa.122:4,6-9; Rom.15:25-27; 1:16; 2:9-11)

6. The Jewish people's acceptance of Messiah Jesus (Yeshua) will lead to life from the dead — world-wide revival of unprecedented magnitude (Rom.11:15; Acts 3:19-21)

7. Yeshua linked His second coming to Israel's national turning to Him (Matt.23:39)

What I am speaking about is adding physical resources to the support given through intercession.

blessing Israel - a priority? - DeanZF - 03-09-2006

Ben, I think I hear what you're saying, and I don't necessarily disagree. We've been involved in all sorts of programs and ministries to "benefit" or "bless" what some might call "greater" Israel. We've been involved in programs where collections were taken to help get the Russian Jews out of harms way, to help get Jews that were "stuck" in Albania, in Italy, or in a couple of other places, on their way to Israel and freedom. We've helped with fund raisers for groups whose entire existence revolves around providing help "in the land" to emmigrant Jews, to those who survived the Holocaust, and in other ways.

Part of reminding the body of Christ about our Jewish roots is also bringing comfort to Israel, in a sense, don't you think? How many folks are there who have at least one branch on their family tree that has a distinctive Jewish flavor? Lots! For them to hear the relationship of the Jewishness of Messiah to the Christian faith that they have been practicing for many years is often a revelation to them, a validation to a part of their heritage, both certainly comforts, IMO.

What Helena and I are both saying is that we need to find ways to DO rather than just to FEEL. James admonished us pretty strongly about letting our works reflect our hearts. The slap about how we treat those we recognize as needy and only say, "Be warmed...be fed" instead of actually DOING something about it when it's within our power. Translated, couldn't we say that James was telling us to put our money where our mouths are, where our hearts and minds are??

If we can find a means of blessing Israel, wherever it is to be found, isn't that a good thing? If we can be part of bringing back the sons and daughters of Israel to their land and actively supporting their right to that land, isn't that a good thing? I hope so!

blessing Israel - a priority? - kvetch - 03-09-2006

:israel: I have to say that I agree with all of you. I think it is very important that we support physical Israel with money and of course with as much prayer as we can. We must not let them down. The church is the best firend they have now, even lf they cannot see or understand that.

Also, all Jews..scattered everywhere...are part of K'lal Yisroel.....the whole of Isreal....they all need to know that Yeshua is the Messiah...and they desperately need Him....even though they also do not know that.

We must be diligent as the church to reach out wherever we can and build relationships that will give us the opportunity to tell them about Yeshua....there are literally Jews just about anywere any of us live...so the opportunities are there.

It is so critical that we do not forget about them ....

and it is so important that we educate the gentile Christians about thier connection and responsibility to Israel and the Jews

I am so grateful to God that He has put this on people's hearts....it is so important!

Barb :yayisrael: