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Christian Music vs. Secular Music - sonworshiper - 06-06-2007

Hey all,

It's been a while. . . haven't even had the time to check the forum and catch up on my reading! How sad is that!?

My point today is, I'm wondering how many people find that they cannot listen to anything but Christian music, for their own spiritual health. I am one of those people. If I listen to anything (with lyrics) my mood changes and I become quite nasty--or at the least at bit grumpy. Classical music does not fall into this category.

The problem is, I eat, breathe, and sleep music. . . .and have had this habit of bursting into song when someone says anything that causes me to think of a song--granted mostly secular songs. . . .

I have to pray against the seeming "power" that music can have over me. At the moment, I listen mostly to worship and soaking music. . . .with some other good Christian music in there for variety. . .

Any opinions?? Or do you think I've lost it! Wink




Christian Music vs. Secular Music - flaglady - 06-12-2007

Apart from the odd period when I like to listen to Buddy Holly, I listen to nothing but worship music. I have an mp3 player that I can plug into the car player and it's loaded with all my favourite tracks! Matt Redman, Tim Hughes, Lyndell Cooley, Delirious?, Sonic Flood and many others.

And the key thing is that, as I drive along, my ears are listening to the music but my mind is dancing with the flags!! (Happily my eyes are still watching the road!!)

Christian Music vs. Secular Music - DeanZF - 06-16-2007

Hi, Moe.

Sorry to be so late in answering this. It's been a little crazy here.

No, you've not lost it. Remember the old nutritional book, "You are what you eat"? Well, it's a kingdom principle, friend. What you pack your heart with comes out of your mouth! "The mouth speaks from the overflow of the heart." Computer folks know it as GIGO!!

What we hear, what we listen to, what we read, what we watch, it all has a huge impact on how we react to things, how we see things, how we evaluate and how we carry on our lives, so you betcha there's a big effect on your mood and your reactions when you listen to words that are not scriptural or lyrics that do not convey kingdom principles. That's part of why I'm such a stickler for good lyrics.

The Word says that we ought to "think on these things", or maybe a better, more intentional translation might be "fill your mind with things that look like this: things are true, things are honest, things are just, things are pure, things are lovely, things are of good report". The idea seems to be that same thing of filling up your heart with good so that you act and react with God's Good because that's what you're filled with!

Hope it helps.

Christian Music vs. Secular Music - HelenaZF - 06-21-2007

I actually feel assaulted by some of the commercial music that comes at you during the day. If I have to listen to it for any length of time, my anxiety and agitation level start to rise. Sometimes, I'm not even aware of why I'm getting crabby until I stop to think about it.

When I have the choice, I either listen to christian music, or no music. I don't play any music when I'm working or creating something in the workshop because if I do....I lose concentration and start choreographing the music instead. Smile :twirl:

Christian Music vs. Secular Music - sonworshiper - 06-22-2007

Yes Helena! That's it! There are times when I need to listen to heavier (yes I love all kinds of Christian music) heavier Christian music, just so I am not in worship mode--"oh, this song will work" kind of thing.

I've started muting the tv when watching it, cuz there are so many song bytes on ads, and once I hear the music / words or tune, I'm done and it's in my head until I hear another song.

For me, it helps as well, that my best friend holds me accountable in that area (as with many others) and is on me about what I'm listening to or humming. That helps so much, and I know as well, she prays for me often. (always a good thing)

I've never understood Christians who do listen to secular music, because for me it gets deep into my soul. . . .and I have to admit, I still wonder about that sometimes, but on the whole, I figure this is just something I have to deal with. . .like other "addictions" that I cannot be near.