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Fire Chuppah Flags - HelenaZF - 05-14-2007

This is a composite picture (the flags were too large to get them in one shot) of a pair of fire flags commissioned for a Bridges for Peace Shavuot conference in Australia, by our dance minister friends David and Juliette Haddy of Bearing Gifts.

The two flags, each approx 6.5 feet x 9.5 feet overlap to form a "fire chuppah", or canopy. The flags also carry the tablets with the Ten Commandments from which lightening emanates. The canopy is designed to pull apart and become 2 separate flags. As a chuppah is often formed from an actual tallit (prayer shawl), the flags also have tzit-tzit, or knotted fringes. You can see then just above and below the tablets of the Law.

You'll have to imagine the rest of the flag on the left, but it is a mirror image of the other, except that each flag has only 5 of the Ten Commandments. They were designed this way in order to make them useable as a center backdrop graphic as well as functioning flags. The flags were photographed lying on the floor in the backdrop configuration.

[Image: FireChupFlagCompFirst.jpg]

Keep in mind that flags laying on the ground look very different than ones flying through the air. Especially these because most of the flag is made from an almost transparent fabric with just a hint of irridescent coral color.

Fire Chuppah Flags - sknoerr - 05-16-2007

As always Helena, your work is beautiful. God truly has gifted you with an immense spirit of Bezaleel...(and a tremendous ability to hear from Him as to the design). Oh, but to be a little bug in your workshop and be able to watch and learn.

Fire Chuppah Flags - flaglady - 05-16-2007

I'd amen that - big time!!

Fire Chuppah Flags - Bearing Gifts - 05-18-2007

Dear Helena

David of Bearing Gifts here. The Fire Chuppah FLAGS HAVE ARRIVED SAFELY!

These were delivered to the wrong number house and a very honest and kind lady brought the rather large envelope down to us last night.

It was too damp to take the flags outside to shake off the excess glitter, thus we slept in glitter heaven last night and today, continue to walk on the 'glitter brick road'


We are just in awe-the photograph is excellent, it doesn't do justice to the sheer beauty of the craftsmanship and passion you have plied into these beautiful articles of declaration.

Juliette stated, we have the most beautiful flags in the world, such was our response after first presenting you with the idea. I can see Mt. Sinai aflame with the presence of God as he struck/created the tablets!

Helena you have created these flags so wonderfully well to the original 'picture' we had. Endeavouring to explain this to someone by e-mail or over the phone even is not usually successful. We are just so pleased with your interpretation, thank you, thank you.

Finally, I hope I have replied in the correct place this time?

kind regards and our love and gratitude

David and Juliette

Bearing Gifts

Fire Chuppah Flags - HelenaZF - 05-19-2007

Yes, you found the right place to reply. Smile You are right...it is difficult sometimes to convey a vision, and for the artist to grasp what is being conveyed---but by the Spirit, it seems to be possible. I usually am aware the Spirit is guiding my designing when changes happen during the construction process...and there were a few definite changes I made while working on these flags.

So glad everything arrived safely and on time. I pray, with you, that the Lord will use these messengers to bring revelation, open hearts and to glorify His Name. My apologies for the glitter droppings... you'll have them around for a while, I'm afraid. My eyelashes are still sparkling....

Fire Chuppah Flags - HelenaZF - 08-04-2007

Pix from Bearing Gifts of flags taken at the conference:

[Image: FireChupConf1.jpg]

[Image: FireChupConf2.jpg]

Fire Chuppah Flags - flaglady - 08-05-2007

Oh wow! But one didn't reveal itself! :-((

Fire Chuppah Flags - HelenaZF - 08-05-2007


Hopefully, there will be more pix coming. It would be nice to have a pic of the flags in the chupah configuration... *hint, hint, David!*