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You are Messiah - resurrection pageantry - HelenaZF - 04-08-2007

Our movement team prepared and presented pageantry to Twila Paris's "You are Messiah" for this mornings resurrection celebration. It's a powerful piece calling for the coming of the Kingdom, and is both joyous and celebrational--exactly what you want for this highest day of all Christendom!

We used 3 banners: Yeshua Messiah, King of Righteousness, and Lion of Judah, and crown pennants. The piece slowly built as it progressed, beginning with the entrance of the Messiah banner, and a flagger. Each banner was brought in and then the next flagger was added to the choregraphy that continued through the whole piece. You couldn't help but enter into the intercession, declaration and rejoicing.

Highly recommended as a good pageantry piece.