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Seder celebration in Columbia, MO - HelenaZF - 04-08-2007

This Good Friday, one of our newest ZFF members, simonsmom, invited us to participate in a first-ever seder at her AG church in Columbia. It was beautiful, interactive meeting that included an "enlightened" haggadah (seder script), a sumptuous buffet meal (which included all the seder foods and some fabulous roasted lamb) and a time of worship afterwards. Dean opened the meeting with the shofar blessing & blow......and we were off!

Probably about half the people in attendance had never been at a seder before, and I'm sure there were many revelatory moments for people as they saw God's redemptive plan plainly illustrated by the events of the traditional seder. When experienced for the first time, many believers will exclaim, "how could the jews NOT see the trinity, and Yeshua in the broken matzoh of the affikomen?" and begin to understand the sovereignty of the Lord who has blinded Israel's spiritual eyes for a time.

We brought along two of the covenant banners that helped set an atmosphere of awe that the God of the Ages oversees His feasts and provides the blessing....appointed for all generations for all time. Yahveh Yireh....God our Provider, and Yaveh Shalom....God our Peace.