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Instrumental Prophetic Worship - sonworshiper - 03-27-2007

Do any of y'all use instrumental prophetic worship cd's for your church's ministry time, or for your own personal "soaking" or worship time? If you do, who's stuff do you use? Do you have a favourite?

I've been looking at some cd's online the last week or more and have found Pablo Perez, Fred MacKinnon, John Belt. . . .who do you listen to?

Or do you listen to any? Why or why not?





Instrumental Prophetic Worship - DeanZF - 03-27-2007

When I have the time to actually sit and soak, I LOVE to use instrumental stuff, especially instrumentals that are NOT related to anything with words. If I know the melody, I tend to have that tape running through my head and I end up thinking rather than soaking. Kind of like swimming when I'm supposed to be floating and enjoying the ride. Smile

Fred's instrumental stuff has been pretty good. His first one was just himself and a sax player. Remember that I'm a piano tuner among other things, and so am really rather hypercritical about pitch. The sax seems just a touch off pitch most of the time. I mean only a minute fraction, but off. When I'm fresh, I can ignore it and enjoy the anointing that it brings. When I'm tired, the annoying gets in the way of the anointing, sadly.

John Elliot's first instrumental album is stellar. I thought his second was not so powerful, not so lyrical, not so suited to soaking.

There's a guy out of Texas whose name escapes me. I'll try to dig up his name. German man. Powerful albums. Basking album of about an hour of solid prophetic song. Powerful! Deitrich something, I think. I'll try to find it. Powerful stuff.

I have most of the old Hosanna! Integrity instrumental albums, but those are of Hosanna! Choruses. Still helpful for washing away the dust and drear of the day.

There are some others that I'll try to explore and find for you.

Instrumental Prophetic Worship - DeanZF - 03-31-2007

Found him! Oh, the hoops we sometimes jump through!!

His website is down at the moment, sadly, but I have his daughter's phone number.

He is Derek Kuhn. He is currently pastoring in the Chicago area. He has about 5 albums out, all on CD, perhaps exclusively. Hoping for more info on that soon.

The one that I think I remember impacting me was "Third Day Glory", but it may well have been "Prepare the Way of the Lord", published before that one.

Lots of scripture based singing with some prophetic song kind of in response to what the Word seems to be saying to him at that moment. Still powerful, even 5 years later!

More when I know more, hopefully with some sound clips.