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thoughts on prophetic worship - sonworshiper - 03-14-2007

It certainly seems like this forum is dormant these days! Not too much going on! It's pouring rain here in Quebec today--got really warm the past few days, it's weird to look out and see snow everywhere--the roof of my Honda Civic is barely visible under the snow and yet it's raining! Strange "end-times" weather indeed.

prophetic worship

prophetic giftings

words of wisdom



Giftings of the Holy Spirit. . .all different yet similar in so many ways. . . I'm chewing on this at the moment. Somehow at times they seem so incredibly different, and at other times like splitting hairs.

Then again, is it important to know the exact label that goes on giftings as long as you know you are moving in it and being guided by Holy Spirit???

Ah. . . so many questions. And I'm really tired today--must be the weather! ;-)

I have to wonder as well, do other people get so concerned about little things like this--as I do?

Dean? Comments? Helena? ;-)

Blessings. (end of rant)



thoughts on prophetic worship - HelenaZF - 03-25-2007

Just a thought on prophetic worship.....a term that sounds so lofty, so profound, so serious.....

And yet, rather than some esoteric goal to be aimed for, it seems to me that the Lord intended prophetic worship to be the everyday norm. "When you come together, everyone has a word, a psalm, etc....." given by the Lord, of course, and all shared in community with the agenda and timing of the Holy Spirit. Prophetic worship is about listening to what the Spirit is saying through whomever at the moment and yielding to that momentary leadership. It involves more humility than skill, and a willingness to put aside any ideas we might have about how the meeting should go.

I might arrange your list there this way, with prophetic worship as the heading, and everything under that as subtopics:

prophetic worship ....because all those things should be present when prophetic worship is happening.

thoughts on prophetic worship - DeanZF - 03-31-2007

<QUOTE author="sonworshiper,Mar 14 2007, 09:14 AM">
sonworshiper,Mar 14 2007, 09:14 AM Wrote:Then again, is it important to know the exact label that goes on giftings as long as you know you are moving in it and being guided by Holy Spirit???
I'm of the school that God put those labels out there for a reason. And Paul's admonition to pray both with the spirit/in the spirit/in the Spirit and with the understanding is yet more proof to me that words mean things!

I do believe that it's good to understand the basic mechanics of the Holy Spirit's methods of operation. If we understand the basics, I think we're more likely to recognize His movings! Finding good, well-reasoned explanations is not always easy, however. Smile

Recognizing the difference between being a prophet and being prophetic is just such an issue. Grasping the difference between words of wisdom and words of knowledge. Finding the subleties of discernment in our own "intuitions".

Want to explore any one or two of those individually?? :jew:

thoughts on prophetic worship - sonworshiper - 04-02-2007

Words of wisdom and words of knowledge are much not as clear to me. As you also mentioned,
Quote:Finding the subleties of discernment in our own "intuitions".
That is an interesting area. And where does discernment give way to words of knowledge? Is discerning only related to "discerning" between good and evil, good and bad spirits? Or is there a place in discernment where God gives you knowledge about certain things--bordering on prophetic as well!?

Do these giftings cross over into each other's areas or do we not (do I not) have them defined / understood clearly enough?

*feel free to move this rant to the appropriate forum. Wink




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thoughts on prophetic worship - HelenaZF - 04-02-2007

Quote:And where does discernment give way to words of knowledge?

My thought is that discernment is an inner voice that guides your prayers and evaluations with Spirit-given information. I think discernment can become a word of knowledge if it is spoken in the right timing and place. It is the hearer that recognizes and receives the word of knowlege...we often don't even know we have delivered it.

Being prophetic in our worship means that we are continually listening for the next direction of the Holy Spirit and are ready to act on it. Although it is good to have a grasp on the avenues He uses (spiritual gifts), we don't have to understand what exactly it is that the Lord is doing with the gift, but be confident in the fact that He is somehow able to use our obedience to His direction.