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Music Software and computers - sonworshiper - 02-12-2007

This really does have to do with worship. Really.

I spend a lot of time at my computer and usually am listening to music and/or learning songs. I'm finding today that my songs that are on my laptop are skipping. . .it's super frustrating. I'm using Media Player 11. I have plenty of memory and tons of harddrive space. I ripped a lot of my cd's onto my harddrive.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what could be causing the music to jump?

This laptop camp with McAffee internet security something-or-other. . .and google desktop all installed. . .

Hopefully someone out there knows what I could do to stop this annoyance!



Music Software and computers - HelenaZF - 02-12-2007

Wish I could help you....but maybe Dean will have an answer. All I know is that I often have skipping troubles on regular CD players when using a copied CD. I don't really have any idea why....just something I've noticed. It's like the copies aren't burned as deeply as the originals....if that makes any sense.

Music Software and computers - flaglady - 02-12-2007

Shouldn't skip on the HD though! That's weird!

BTW, Helena, did you get my email about the buttons? About 4-5 days ago?

Music Software and computers - HelenaZF - 02-12-2007

No..no email....depending on how it's sent, it could have gone to the website e-mail that Dean handles....I'll check & get back to you.

Music Software and computers - DeanZF - 02-14-2007

Skippy CDs are often either dirty or scratched.

Occasionally, they are poorly burned. If they skip on EVERY machine and if you've cleaned them, you have a flawed CD. If it used to work, you may need to clean your drive. They do have cute little CD/DVD cleaning diskies that get rid of the dust bunnies. Smile

Laptops can be particularly fun, but yours is new and should NOT be a problem unless you're also using it as a pingpong paddle.

Music Software and computers - sonworshiper - 02-15-2007

Morning Dean et al. . .

No, this is not skippy cd's -- I've ripped my cd's onto my harddrive. They don't seem to be skipping so much now, as I uninstalled McAffee and installed AVG. . .I think it uses much less memory.