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hi - psalmistc - 01-26-2007

I'm just really doing this for the first time since i've joined you. I'm from N.J. Single mom of 3 kids. I go to a church called Mighty Sons of God fellowship Church in Paterson, NJ. I lead Praise & Worship there and was seeking God about having a min. of pageantry started. My friend came across you guys, sent me the link and I check in every now and again. Love the banners, just don't have a lot of time to chat. I'm a computer technician, soooo when I get home... the last thing I want to see is a computer. lol. NOt to mention my kids hog it up!! I think I'll try and check in more. Be Blessed.

hi - HelenaZF - 01-26-2007

Hey there, so glad to hear from you. Smile It's nice to know a little about you after seeing your name on the member list for a while. Please join any discussions that interest you....when you can!

hi - DeanZF - 01-26-2007

Glad to meet you!! We do hope that you'll check in and be part of the conversations at whatever level you're comfortable with.

I do understand not wanting to do more computer after computing all day. Been there, having made my living in front of the screen for a few years.

hi - psalmistc - 01-29-2007

Thanks for replying. This site seems so genuine. I'm still naivgating around, getting use to the way your setup is. Forgive me if it takes some time. (when I have it)

hi - DeanZF - 01-29-2007

No apology needed. We're glad you're here and that you perceive the site and the folks to be genuine. High compliment.

We hope you come back often and that you are able to share.

hi - flaglady - 01-30-2007

Yes, Lord - come back soon and keep coming back. Lovely to 'see' new folk around!

hi - myrrha - 02-03-2007

Hi Psalmistc

Hope that when the kids aren't hogging the computer and you feel up to it; you can come visit here at Zion Fire Friends. (having a houseful of teenagers myself, I pretty much have to book time to be on!)

Be strengthened and renewed in your inner spirit and soul knowing there are friends just a website away!

at His feet ~mary