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ZFF Private Chat Room - HelenaZF - 01-24-2007

Our weekly chats (when they are in session) are held in our ZFF private chatroom which is a NexChat. NexChat is an IRC style chatroom, however it is integrated with our board. It cannot be viewed or searched outside our community. Chat logs are not retained. [In case you find your way to Planet Nexus (the host of NexChat) you do not need to register there to use the chat here.]

NexChat will appear at the bottom of your browser screen on every page of the site, so you can navigate ZFF while chatting with us in the chat.

To use NexChat, you must be logged into ZFF and registered on the Nexus System. Here is how to go about accessing the chat:

How to use NexChat

1. Register: Click the registration link in the NexusBar at the bottom right of the page. Fill out the <URL url="http://z3.ifrm.com/2/81/0/p294599/8RegForm.png">Registration Form and choose a Nexus password. Submit your registration. Note: Your password cannot be recovered. If you lose it, please ask us to delete your Nexus registration. When that is done, you can register again with a new password.

<IMG content="http://z3.ifrm.com/2/81/0/p294589/1NexReg.png">[Image: 1NexReg.png]


2. Find the chat bar at the bottom of your browser window and open the chat by clicking the "Chat" link on the right side.

<IMG content="http://z3.ifrm.com/2/81/0/p294590/2NexReg.png">[Image: 2NexReg.png]

You may completely disable the chat at any time by clicking the green <IMG content="http://planetnexus.net/nexchat/images/nexus.png">[Image: nexus.png] on the left of the chat bar. Click again to bring the bar back up.

You may close the chat and still see the number of chatters by partially collapsing the chat. Click the "V" symbol:

<IMG content="http://z3.ifrm.com/2/81/0/p294593/5Collapse.png">[Image: 5Collapse.png]

If you wish to just minimize to the chat bar only, click either of the X's in the chat box itself.


3. If you have not registered yet you will see a <URL url="http://z3.ifrm.com/2/81/0/p294591/3RegPrompt.png">registration prompt. If you have successfully registered, you will see a login box. Add your Nexus Password and submit:

<IMG content="http://z3.ifrm.com/2/81/0/p294592/4LoginPrompt.png">[Image: 4LoginPrompt.png]


4. You are now in the chatroom and ready to chat!

<IMG content="http://z3.ifrm.com/2/81/0/p294594/6ChatArea.png">[Image: 6ChatArea.png]


5. Adjust the size of your chat box and text via the Options panel:

<IMG content="http://z3.ifrm.com/2/81/0/p294595/7OptionsPanel.png">[Image: 7OptionsPanel.png]


6. Chat Commands

<IMG content="http://z3.ifrm.com/2/81/0/p294799/9Commands.png">[Image: 9Commands.png]

ZFF Private Chat Room - HelenaZF - 03-22-2010

If your chat is open and you switch to another browser window, you will be notified when a new post is made in the chat box. Notification appears as the tab containing the chat will start to blink slowly.

NexChat Text commands

**User Command List** (available to all Users)

/about or /? - Information about NexChat.

/board or /b - Switch to board chat.

/clear or /clr or /c - Clear chat screen.

/font or /f <value> - Set chat window font size.

/global or /g - Switch to global chat.

/height or /h <value> - Set chat window height.

/help or / - List chat commands.

/ me <text> - Speak in 3rd person.

/min or /m - Minimize chat.

/profile or /p <name> - Load a user's board profile.

/quit or /q - Close the chat window.

/users or /u - Detailed chat user list.

/width or /w <value> - Set chat window width.