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Flowing / moving in the Spirit during worship - sonworshiper - 01-14-2007

Hi all,

Just wondering in what ways y'all Wink "flow" in the Spirit during worship. Meaning, do you have spontaneous worship--or spontaneous dance, not rehearsed, bursting out of worship?

Singing in the Spirit. . . in tongues. . ..

Please. . .share. :-)




Flowing / moving in the Spirit during worship - flaglady - 01-14-2007

Hi there, Moe. We have a bit of both in our church. We have a fabulous band, anywhere between 8-14 members, all great musicians/vocalists and the leader is a very unpretentious chap who's a gas fitter during the week. His arrangements are really classy and the band sounds pretty near professional. And yet they seem to manage to 'let the Spirit flow' and still make a great sound. It's quite incredible I think! He has this nack of being able to "pray-in" during the song in a way that just encourages that kind of worship and veneration and breaks through to invite the Spirit's presence.

It happens pretty near every week though some weeks are more intense than others. Our pastor is very much an "in the Spirit" man as well and so usually our meetings have little real structure apart from the inevitable notices!

I love it! It makes for great flag worship when it happens that way!

Flowing / moving in the Spirit during worship - HelenaZF - 01-17-2007

I've been thinking about how to answer this, because I get the sense that you mean "as coming spontaneously out of the congregation".

We do have prophetic utterances, songs, singing in the spirit, and spontaneous dance, but it comes out of a chain of order, so to speak.

Certain recognized prophetic voices can speak directly to the congregation, but those not in that recognized group are asked to submit their word to the clergy. As a commissioned worship minister, I have the freedom (and use it) to move out spontaneously with dance or banners....or to send my team members out that way. I could also pick up a mike and sing a prophetic song if I was so moved. The music team provides opportunities for singing in the spirit by having regular "selah" times between songs. So yes...it's all happening...but with a kind of structure and order.

I think that for worship not to become centered around the expression of individuals, and to be a corporate expression, that some kind of order/framework/liturgy (if you will) is necessary. God then visits us within the framework as He desires. And when it is time to move on, we are not left waiting directionless for the next spontaneous happening, but working through the rest of the framework, which can often bring just as much ministry and message to the worshippers as those times when the manifestation of God sovereignly breaks through.