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Zephaniah Dance - myrrha - 01-02-2007

I don't pretend to know the first thing about being on a forum such as this, but, I trust the administrator's perseverance in bailing me out if I get stuck.

My worship background?

Been loving Jesus since early childhood...

through singing, playing piano, dancing and finding great inspiration in colour, light, movement and the beauty of nature.

Official status as a "worship leader" within the context of my local 'church'.

My heart aches to be an extravagant lover of Jesus... to get past the politics of institutionalized 'church' and join the Bride in bringing our lives as an offering of worship to our Beloved.

Easily said... a lifetime to journey.

Been broken, been bruised, been given a grace that knows no limits and causes tears to well up in my eyes even as i type this!

He is so precious! So lovely~! So worthy and I smile with gratitude that in His love He brings together brothers and sisters thru technology like this where I can be 'connected' and encouraged and LEARN so much.

Anyways... someones' in the kitchen making my supper. Smile

Better go check it out...

Be blessed and open your eyes to the beauty surrounding you!


Zephaniah Dance - HelenaZF - 01-02-2007

<QUOTE author="myrrha">
myrrha Wrote:Looks like I've discovered a 'gold mine' here...

am I among friends?

Indeed you are! I think you will find many hearts here that resonate with the cry of your heart to be an "extravagant lover of Jesus".

I'm so pleased to welcome you to this message board. Please join in any discussion that interests you and don't be afraid to challenge or question any ideas that you find here. Healthy dialogue with scripture as our "referee" is what we know will make this forum most useful to our members.

I hope you enjoy looking around at the rich resources we have here, and know that we consider our members to be the richest resource of all.

Welcome to ZionFireFriends!

PS: If you get lost or need help in anyway, just post for help.

Zephaniah Dance - DeanZF - 01-02-2007

Welcome aboard!!!

Yes, as Helena said, you are indeed among friends.

I'm glad to see you here, too, and hope that you'll jump in with both feet. Questions, answers, thoughts, opinions, rants, giggles, joys, sorrow.

C'mon in, the water's FINE! Smile

Zephaniah Dance - myrrha - 01-02-2007


thanks, Dean!

I know I'll be around; maybe not as much as I'd like.

But I've done that cool-nifty 'add to favourites' thing, so I shall return!


(p.s; what's the 'feeb' thing for under my username? looks like me 1/2 the time, just don't know if I did that or there's some kind of personality tester when you register that assigns a emoticon to ya? Wink )

Zephaniah Dance - HelenaZF - 01-02-2007

:hyper: No, nothing mystical about it. It's just a <URL url="http://zionfirefriends.com/index.php?showtopic=1287">posting rank that you will have until you reach 10 posts. It seems new members are sometimes a bit disoriented when they first join the board, hence the "dazed" look on the emoticon, and the title "Feeb".

It's a just-for-fun thing. Nothing really changes when you get an advance in levels, it is just a way to see at a glance whose been here and active for a while. But if you really hate your emoticon--you'll just have to post like mad to get to the next level. Big Grin