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First Nights of Hanukkah...Again - Runtshell - 12-14-2006

Hey there...long time no hear from me. Sorry. I've been keeping really busy. This weekend...Dec. 15, 16 and 17 we will be performing the updated version of First Nights of Hanukkah at Or Ha Olam Messianic Synagogue.

A great joy for me is that my friend and confidante Kvetch is part of it this year!

If you're in the KC area please come! No charge...bring a friend...preferably a Jewish friend.



First Nights of Hanukkah...Again - HelenaZF - 12-15-2006

If you want to find out some Kansas City jewish history (yes, we have some!), Rochelle's play is a great way to do so. She did exhaustive background research and found out some startling truths about how Kansas Citians were involved in the holocaust rescue efforts. You'll quickly get involved in the story and characters.

We went last year...looking forward to the new additions in this year's version.

First Nights of Hanukkah...Again - Runtshell - 12-16-2006

I'm looking forward to seeing you and Dean, Helena.

The first night went really well! Dean's reading is a great addition.

All in all, I'm so proud of my cast. The Lord has really been working among us.

We had a Jewish couple from Ukraine there last night who really enjoyed it.


Rochelle :tallit: :praise: :jew:

First Nights of Hanukkah...Again - HelenaZF - 12-16-2006

We're planning to be there Sunday night.....wouldn't miss it!

First Nights of Hanukkah...Again - Runtshell - 12-17-2006

:hyper: You might want to get there early to get a good seat...last night we had to add a back row! The OHO crowd tends to be Johnny Come Lately so I look for it to fill up by 4:15.

Jeremiah is a great addition this year as our Khassidic Angel...just exactly what I envisioned in the writing.

I am just a little sad that this is the last night.

Rochelle :amen:

First Nights of Hanukkah...Again - HelenaZF - 12-17-2006

The changes from last year were all really successful. I cried through the whole second act, from the time the holocaust slides were shown all the way to the end. I don't know how anyone seeing the play could go away unaffected.

Loved the addition of the angel character, too.