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Rochelle's Writing Endeavors - Runtshell - 02-28-2006

:tallit: I am starting this thread at Helena's urging. I'm not sure where to begin and have been so busy with writing that I haven't been here for a while.

The play was called "The First Nights of Hanukkah"...it was a play in three acts...all acts took place on the first night of Hanukkah. The first act is all comic...Orthodox Jewish boy meets girl who sings...her father is a Yeshiva professor who is playing matchmaker between his student and his daughter.

The second act takes place in hiding in Nazi Germany. Joe and Shifra, the young couple, now married with two daughters, leave the comfort of Kansas City to try and rescue her brother and family. They are unsuccessful and end up going through the holocaust themselves.

Third act is back in KC...Joe is alone with his daughters...hasn't heard from Shifra in a year...it's now 1946. It does have a happy, if not tearful ending. Even Jan, my husband shed a few tears. :yay:

The novel has been all encompassing since December. I think this is going to be a saga because presently I'm on Chapter 44 in the first book which is about Joe's parents, their meeting in Moldavia in Eastern Europe, their survival of the Kishinev pogrom in April 1903 and subsequent immigration to the US. I decided on Kansas City because that's where my grandfather ended up in 1903.

This has been fun, educational and totally consuming. Jan says he's learned how to keep himself entertained. The working title of the book is "Please Say Kaddish for Me" :jew:

I do believe, at the expense of spiritualizing, that this book is also a call on my life. As for publishing, I haven't gotten that far yet. I'm not sure where to begin..although I've gotten plenty of unsolicited advice.

We, my collaborator (only on the play, not the books) and I, want to get the play published in any case. We will be putting on the same play this coming Hanukkah and have a possible outside venue or two. It was actually written with Jewish outreach in mind.

One of the miracles about the play was our rabbi's skepticism about the plot. He didn't think it was plausable to have an American couple going to Germany and going through the camps. On the first night of the play, however, we were visited by a holocaust survivor (now a believer in Yeshua) who said that not only could our story happen, it did...in the thousands!!! He said he could even give me names! Now that's G-d!

I guess that's enough for now. If you have questions, feel free to ask. If you are publisher and are interested in seeing the work...puh-lease feel free to write!

How's that Helena?

Rochelle :notworthy:

Rochelle's Writing Endeavors - HelenaZF - 02-28-2006

Darlin', you did good. (and the bowing and scraping was a nice touch.)

I think it's important to share these things so that we can be praying for one another. And who knows how the Lord will use our multi-international connections for his purposes here? It's all very exciting for me to see it come together.

I saw Rochelle's play, and it was an epic effort that held the audience's hearts for the whole time. I predict the Lord will do some amazing things with it. :yes:

You have a ministry website somewhere don't you? (Is it Worship in Motion?) If you'll give me the address, I'll add to to the others I'm collecting.

Rochelle's Writing Endeavors - HelenaZF - 02-28-2006

Did you know you are the recipent of the first ZFF award? Check out my "I'm talking to myself!" thread for details.....

Rochelle's Writing Endeavors - kvetch - 03-09-2006

This is an epic saga....right? I really can't wait to read it. Keep up the good work

Rochelle's Writing Endeavors - HelenaZF - 04-06-2006

Hey R, I just heard you are already working on the SEQUEL! How about an update?

Rochelle's Writing Endeavors - Runtshell - 05-24-2006

Sorry I've left y'all in the lurch as far as the writing. Actually Kvetch has read the first draft of the novel and has a copy of the second.

About three fourths of the way through writing the novel, which is entitled "Please Say Kaddish for Me", I realized that this is a different story. It's not about the people in the play after all.

The next two paragraphs are what I have written as part of my query letter to send to literary agents and/or publishers.

When her family is brutally murdered before her eyes in turn of the century Eastern Europe, for no reason other than that they are Jews, Rabbi Cohen’s daughter, Khavah, barely escapes with her life and her secret.

“Please Say Kaddish for Me” which could be dubbed “Yentl Meets the Dark Side of Fiddler on the Roof” is the story of Khavah Cohen, a Jewish girl of great strength and determination with an unheard of education. Following her narrow escape from the burning ruins of Natalya, her village in Moldavia, a kind family in a village called Svechka takes her in. Life becomes complicated when she falls in love with the rabbi’s son who is promised to her adopted sister. After his wedding, Khavah leaves Svechka and goes to Kishinev, the Capitol City of Moldavia, where she finds employment as a housekeeper for a German music teacher who befriends her and teaches her more than she ever expected to learn. The story follows Khavah through the Kishinev pogrom of 1903, one of the bloodiest tragedies in Jewish history, prior to the Nazi Holocaust.

Yes, I have started the sequel, "To Everything a Purpose Under Heaven"...right now it's waiting on the shelf until I return from Israel in 2 weeks! :tallit:

I don't really have an official website as of yet. My nephew started one for me but there isn't much there since I wasn't sure what I wanted to say.

I can say that writing is one of the most exciting things I've ever done!

Prayers appreciate for the right editor and publisher.



Rochelle's Writing Endeavors - HelenaZF - 05-25-2006

There is a huge following for historical novels, I think...but you don't often hear about any dealing with russian jews. Your book may be a unique jewel in the literary pickings.

I'll be praying for favor with publishers.

Rochelle's Writing Endeavors - sondramc - 05-29-2006

Hello Rochelle,

I am sure that you don't remember. I used to dance with Phyllis Watts and was involved with pagentry with Helena and Dean for awhile, dropped out and now I am back.

Your book sounds very interesting and I would love to read it although some of the Jewish terms I am not familiar with.

I will be praying for you as you continue and for God's favor in publishing your book.

Your sister in Christ,


Rochelle's Writing Endeavors - Runtshell - 07-18-2006

I'm learning what an ongoing process writing is. I have just finished the third revision of Please Say Kaddish For Me. I have an editor of sorts, she's not a professional editor but a sharp lady who is more than capable! The price is right as well. I really felt the Spirit's leading in asking her. The next step is either to find an agent or a publisher.

It's exciting and scary at the same time.

The next writing endeavor on the dockit is updating my Hanukkah play and after that continuation of the sequel to PSK called "A Time to Every Purpose".

If anyone has any suggestions, I'm open to them. My preference is to begin with a secular publisher. I would like to think that this is a novel that a Jewish person might also find a good read...kind of a 'backdoor' witnessing tool. I think it will also be educational for Christian readers.

My rabbi read it and confirmed its accuracy where the characters are concerned and dubbed it a 'real page turner'. So I guess you could say I got the 'rabbinic okie dokie.' :jew:

Shalom to all,


Rochelle's Writing Endeavors - DeanZF - 07-18-2006

Too cool. I want to come to the opening! Confusedhofar: