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Leading worship when you aren't feeling well. - sonworshiper - 10-30-2006


My question comes from the fact that I haven't been feeling well for the last few weeks--there's a nasty "cold" that's going around up here, and once you get it, it's extremely hard to get rid of it!

Last summer I had pneumonia, but was still able to lead worship--I'd be coughing my lungs out one minute, start to lead worship the next and be fine, then when I was done leading, I'd be coughing again!

Last week, I had this cold and had to take the Sunday off cuz I couldn't get out of bed.

Yesterday, I led worship, lost my voice, strained a lot, and someone said the worship really drew her in to God's presence. Funny eh? I didn't feel like I was getting anywhere really, but she was quite blessed.

Do any of you have any similar experiences you could share?


Moe. :crooner:

Leading worship when you aren't feeling well. - HelenaZF - 10-30-2006

If you went cold into a new group and tried to lead worship while sick, it might be a turn-off or distraction to the group. They would have no basis for comparison of your worship leading, and the coughs and voice breaks could compromise your ability to lead them.

However, I think that if you are leading worship for a group that you have established relationship with, that you have a connection that transcends the occasional, temporary "quality" issue, and people, like your in your story, will just allow for the physical limitation and connect with God anyway.

I've lead worship in circumstances where I could barely croak out the song, and depended on the group to really carry the singing. (This is NOT the time to introduce something new, BTW....) It's just one of those life things that your friends will allow for. Ususally, they are thrilled that you showed up and they don't have to fill in for you.

Now, if you are booked into a huge stadium for a concert and have laryngitis or some coughing crud....it's probably not the best idea to show up and try to sing. Smile You're not going to be able to minister effectively.

I remember a college concert where I had the soprano solos in Handel's Messiah. Three days before, I completely lost my voice. I mean...nothing...just a whisper. The town doctor gave me some kind of shot (I have no idea what it was) and said it usually took 3 days to work. About an hour before the concert, my voice started to come back. I was able to sing the part with great effort, and afterwords I was told I didn't sound like myself, but that it was good. That's cutting it just a bit close, Lord!

Leading worship when you aren't feeling well. - flaglady - 10-30-2006

Not being a worship leader, my story may be a little off topic, but I've lost count of the times I've been unwell, had painful knees/shoulders/migraine and stuff. Yet when I lifted the flags, all those symptoms seemed to disappear - until worship was over and they'd all be back again!

Also, the last workshop I did in August, I hobbled in on a walking stick, my knee was so painful. And hobbled out again in a similar state. But in between times I was fleet of foot and agile. Most remarkable!!

Leading worship when you aren't feeling well. - etherea - 12-30-2006

I think that people who dance with flags and do other visual presentations are worship leaders too. You might not be leading the song, but you are leading people's hearts toward the Lord.

Leading worship when you aren't feeling well. - DeanZF - 12-31-2006

Preach it honey!!!

Leading worship when you aren't feeling well. - sonworshiper - 01-02-2007

I totally agree that dancers are worship leaders! As are flag / banner worshipers. My all time most important one is the sound person. No one can do anything without them--if you use sound reinforcement.




Leading worship when you aren't feeling well. - DeanZF - 01-02-2007

Leading anything when you feel bad is difficult. And leading worship as the team leader or even just as a team member gets tricky.

We had an interim pastor once whose most memorable words were, "It's not, 'I have to go to church and worship', it's 'I GET to go to church and worship!'" Most of us on musical and movement teams actually like their service to the King and enjoy it. They are passionate about that Sunday morning musical offering and miss it sorely when they have to miss it. My mother-in-law used to say that when she missed church it was like the week just did not get off to its right start.

If we're consciencious about our team service, we hate to let our teams down, we hate to not participate in the service in our "usual" way. And at the same time, if we're likely to be contagious (colds, flu, and the like) we're not doing our teammates any favors by showing up! If it's pain in the back or knee that is debilitating, are we doing our own injured selves any good by not laying back and resting the damaged parts?

Probably doesn't answer much, but hope it'll explain some things. Big Grin

Leading worship when you aren't feeling well. - myrrha - 01-03-2007

I have had the same experience as Flaglady many times, where I've been in a position of needing to follow through and lead worship despite that I feel ill and can hardly sing (or dance/banners).... yet am amazed that the Lord enables me to 'do enough'.

I've also had to accept these times as a permissible humbling. Smile

It is humiliating to sing in front of people knowing that it is less than your best, (and I'm talking about singing and keeping tune; but knowing you sound not-so-great)

It is very freeing, though, too.

It reinforces the TRUTH that we are simply the vessels that the Spirit flows through... it is not up to us to CAUSE Him to DO anything... and His ability and grace to work in spite of our limitations gives us such FREEDOM!

We obey, we trust, we recognize our weakness and truly rejoice in it as He pours out and comes like a flood ...

We get out of the way.

He is Glorified!

Of course this should happen when we are at the top of our game, too, so to speak.

But somehow it is more apparent when we are weak.

This also includes feeling emotionally or spiritually unwell/ or weak, doesn't it.

Bless the LORD oh my soul!!! His love endures forever!