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Hi Everyone - kvetch - 02-26-2006

<COLOR color="blue"><FONT font="Arial">Hi Everyone

I just read this thread for the first time today...somehow I missed it before...wow..how great to see all of the names on here...brings back a lot of wonderfu;l memories...

Francesca..how are you?...let us know where you are and what you are doing

I am here in KC still...we now attend a Southeern Baptist Church Big Grin ....yes I did say SBC...LOL...not sure what God has in mind...but it is interesting. The worship leader is awesome and has some great things in mind he would like to see happen ...but of course there is NO dance going on.

Dean and I both sing in choir and we recently taught a study on the Patriarchs.

We are hoping to have more opportunity to teach about Israel in the near future...someone asked me today if we could get a class going that would teach them a little Hebrew...so I know God has great things in store.

We sing in the choir...and do a mix of contemporary and traditional music, and Dean is in the orchestra. We are both involved with the very fledgling drama team...called Acts of Faith....we have been writing and performing short dramas in the morning worhsip service but I think we are all feeling ready to start a bigger project......which is really cool.

It is a great family..and we really love them but I do miss getting to be inolved with extravagant worship...but God is awesome and who knows what will happen.

Dean is a counselor now at Kansas City Rescue Mission working with homeless men in a long term program and I am working for a temp agency....and hoping that this week I will be permanent at a large Insurance brokerage ....so that part of life is pretty smooth.

We have four grandchildren now ...amazing ..and one more on the way...wow..I am getting old fast...LOL

guess that's all about us....

This is so great...great to see you Nola, Francesca, & the Haddy's ....don't be strangers here...

God Bless

Barb AKA kvetch :tallit: :yayisrael: