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instructing new flaggers - HelenaZF - 10-27-2006

Sometimes, you need to put a big flag in someone's hands and move them out into a processional or pageantry piece and you don't have a lot of time for them to practice.

Here are a few basic instructions that I've found have helped new flaggers be able to wield their flags without mayhem to themselves and others.

Confusedpark: Always know where the tip of your flag is. If you can see the tip, chances are you will not be poking out someone's eye with it or banging it into the hanging lights or speakers.

Confusedpark: When waving flag from side to side, use a figure 8 motion rather than a "windshield wiper" motion. It doesn't have to be a wide figure 8, but just enough to keep the flag from wrapping on itself.

Confusedpark: When moving the flag in a circle, either turn your body with the flag, or remain stationary, but allow the pole to turn in your hands as the flag turns. That prevents the flag from winding up on the pole.

Confusedpark: Another way to prevent the flag wrapping the pole is for every wrapping motion you do, do the opposite, unwrapping motion the same number of times.

Confusedpark: if, inspite of all your efforts, your flag wraps or hangs up on itself anyway, do not panic and stop. Keep moving in your choreography, and allow the motion to unfurl the flag, or help it along by grabbing an edge as it flies by you and pulling it straight.

instructing new flaggers - flaglady - 10-27-2006

Gosh - you've said what I put in my book almost word for word!!

Only thing I would add is - and this takes a little practice - when you're really flagging with energy, every so often, when taking the flag through a big wide sweep, just briefly and lightly release your grip on the pole. The movement will drag on the fabric and you'll find the pole spins in your hand, resulting in one unwound flag! It's brief, quick and doesn't cause any interruption to the flow of your interpretation. But do it when the fabric is wound around only a little.

instructing new flaggers - HelenaZF - 10-27-2006

Very cool...I'll have to try that one. I'm not sure I'd suggest it to beginning flaggers, though.....

Visions of projectiles sailing through the air....... :yikes:

instructing new flaggers - flaglady - 10-28-2006

LOL - can juts imagine it! But you don't release it that much! Just a very quick, very (s)light release. Barely perceptable.