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Does size matter? - flaglady - 12-18-2006

Interesting you should mention clothing. There are some things that big girls shoule nerver wear - trousers, mini skirts, figure hugging tops to mention a few. But it seems to me that skirts are a dying garment these days and you can't get half slips anywhere]/i] at any price. Trousers reign, it seems!

I wear long skirts all the time and have done since a totally horrendous photo was taken of me in a knee length skirt which had ridden up and was revealing a little bit too much of what no self-resepcting girl wants revealed!!

So I since then I wear long skirts. For worship I search out full ones with sparkly applicque and tops that are decorative, maybe deeded, yet demure. With sleeves if possible though not in the summer. But I do dislike having neck lines close to my throat. Just one part of my largley supressed claustrophobia and dysphagia anxiety.