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Rochelle here! Still dancing - Runtshell - 02-24-2006

:pigfly: I'm so excited to see familiar names here! Hello to David, Juliette, Nola, Francesca and Sae! Brings back happy memories and the good that can come from...well...you know.

Rochelle here! Still dancing.

I'm very active at Or Ha Olam Messianic Congregation. Officially I am Drama leader and Leader of Interpretive Choreography. Recently we acquired a new overall dance team leader. He goes by the name Jeremiah now but some of you will remember him as Romeo.

I've been doing a lot of writing lately and am currently writing a novel that looks like it will turn into a major saga. This has nothing to do with the Thoene sagas so don't even ask!

I am going to Israel for the first time this spring with my synagogue. I'm excited. :rofl: