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Another newbie - happysandyh - 09-14-2006

Hi ~ my name is Sandy and I'm new to this forum.

I've been checking out the different threads and trying to become familiar with everything.

Years ago I was very active in Dance ministry (Israeli ~ Davidic ~ Messianic). In fact I was blessed to be able to lead dance ministries in different churches and ministries. I have not been active for some time due to some health issues, but I am trusting God to restore this to me.

I am a lover of Israel. I began going to Israel when I was 11 years old. I have been there more than 25 times. In fact my husband and son and I lived in Jerusalem for 3 years while working with a ministry there. I loved my time in the Land !!! We are thinking about going back for a couple of weeks this November !

Anyway ~ enough about me for now.

Another newbie - HelenaZF - 09-14-2006

Welcome to the ZFF forums, Sandy! You've probably noticed by looking around that there are lots of members here who share your interest in Israel and in dance ministry. We're looking forward to hearing some of your stories. Glad you found us. Smile

Another newbie - DeanZF - 09-14-2006

Welcome aboard, Sandy! Dittos on what Helena said.

What ministry did you serve with while in Jerusalem?? Just curious. We have personal connections with a number of them and love to make the connections and community larger.

Another newbie - happysandyh - 09-14-2006

Thank you for the welcome !

We worked with Bridges For Peace. It's a wonderful ministry based in Jerusalem with offices in several nations of the world. They have the largest food bank in Jerusalem, giving away over 2 tons of food a day to the poor in Jerusalem ~ they also give blankets, school kits, etc...

Another newbie - DeanZF - 09-14-2006

Yes, actually, I know them well. We've had other friends who've spent short stints working with them, living in the land. We also have a former pastor who is now the NW US Rep for them, and another good friend who works for them out of the Dallas area. Lots of other affiliated folks, too.

I also worked for a nonprofit in the late 90s here in the KC area and got to know Clarence Wagner fairly well. We corresponded regularly as I worked with what was then the National Unity Coalition. Clarence was almost always on the list of speakers for the larger events, especially those in the DC area, and always for things in Jerusalem. One heck of a nice guy.

Again, welcome aboard! Have fun and write lots of stuff! We LIKE it when we're not the only ones writing! Big Grin

And, where in the world are you (at least a general idea!)?

Another newbie - happysandyh - 09-15-2006

Hi Dean ~

I'm glad to hear you've had positive experiences with BFP. Clarence Wagner is no longer with them. After 25 years with BFP he retired. My sister is now the CEO and International Director for BFP. She and her husband live in Jerusalem and have for the past 17 years. I am currently living in NC.

Another newbie - happysandyh - 09-25-2006

Is the NW rep you mentioned Ed Smelser ?

Another newbie - DeanZF - 09-25-2006

Yep, that's him. Great guy, personal friend. He was also our pastor for 10 minutes once. Story later!

Another newbie - happysandyh - 09-25-2006

He and his wife were living in Israel during the time we were there. He is a good friend of the family ~ my father thinks very highly of him too.

Another newbie - DeanZF - 09-25-2006

We were blessed to be the first folks from his previous pastorate in the US to stay with them in Israel. What a joy that was. So maybe our paths crossed without even knowing it!

He was pastor of a largish church in NE Ohio when we lived in Pennsylvania. After spending a lot of time thinking, praying, asking hard questions, we decided to join that church. The pastor (Ed) was strongly pro-Israel, and had a good handle on the need for relationship between Jews and Christians. There were things afoot in the congregation of which we were unaware, sadly. We joined and were welcomed into the congregation on the very Sunday that Ed announced his resignation! OW! OY! Bummerdeal. We pouted for quite a while, until we learned of his appointment as Chaplain to the ICEJ. Then we were very happy for him and Bonnie. Still sad for us at the loss of what we saw as a dynamite pastoral covering. We're still very much friends and correspond.