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An Introduction - Phred - 09-12-2006

Hi everyone,

My name is Phred. I've been lurcking on this forum for a while, kind of just figuring out what the forum is about and the kinds of folks that are hanging out here. It looks like it'll be a fun place to hang and a place where I can get answers to my many questions.

I really love to sing praises to Jesus. I love to worship Him in every way that I can think of. I'm learning about new ways from many of you. That's exciting to me. I hope to share a lot in the future. Serving Jesus can be awfully fun, and sometimes kind of puzzling, yeh?

I've recently moved to a new town. Well, it's new to ME. haha. About 4 months ago, I found what I think will be my church home as long as I'm in this town, but there are strange things that go on in that church. I'm sure that I'll be sharing some of those things, too, as they happen and as they affect me.

Thanks for having this forum. It looks like a real good resource for me. I have lots of questions and it looks like you folks have lots of answers!

Your brother in Christ,


An Introduction - HelenaZF - 09-12-2006

Welcome Phred, we are looking forward to hearing more from you. Always glad to welcome another worshipper!