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favorite Judson Cornwall books - HelenaZF - 09-08-2006

Judson Cornwall is often referred to as a "father of the faith" and was a huge supporter of the expressive worship movement. [Dean and I have spent some time with Judson when all our faces were in the carpet. He called it "mug in the rug" time.] He has written over 50 books on the subject, and has mentored worshippers from all over the world with his solid bibical teachings on the subject of worship. We became acquaintances through events we did together, and eventually became dear friends. I'd like to share a list of some of his books that are my favorites, and that I consider to be some of his best work.

If you know and love Judson's work too, please add your favorites and recommendations to this thread.

Let Us Abide - what it means to "dwell in God" as we walk out our daily lives.

Let Us Be Holy - the scriptural meanings of holiness and what it means to us as believers, and how real holiness IS achievable.

Let Us Draw Near - a unique look at Moses Tabernacle written in a novel style from the perspective of the participants. The basis for the pageantry presentation that I toured with for several years called "Ark of His Presence."

The Priesthood of the Believer - and incredible teaching from Sam Sasser that has been transcribed and presented by Judson Cornwall. Revelational truths about the requirements of a modern day "priest" before the Lord.

Worship as David Lived It- The more David worshiped God, the more he knew him and loved him. This book is for readers who want to be more like David.

Forbidden Glory Judson's final book BEFORE he wrote his actual final book.....the culmination of his many years of ministry and gleaned wisdom. A scriptural exegesis of all the facets of pride that affect us as worshipping believers.

Dying with Grace Probably on my favorites list because I knew him so well by the time he was facing his last days. I can hear his voice and inflections as he tells the story of how he dealt with living way past his death sentence. And though it may be hard to fathom, there is a lot of funny stuff in this book.

favorite Judson Cornwall books - DeanZF - 09-08-2006

This is a really good list. Judson wrote 52 books. Most of them are really fine works that challenge us, especially as worshippers and extravagant worshippers.

One of them, Worship as David Lived It, is part of a trilogy that also includes David Worshiped a Living God & David Worshiped with a Fervent Faith. All good books.

Table of Contents for Worship as David Lived It looks like:

David was a worshiper

David worshiped publicly

David worshiped inwardly

David worshiped lovingly

David worshiped enthusiastically

David worshiped defensively

David worshiped lavishly

David worshiped actively

David worshiped obediently

David worshiped joyfully

David worshiped righteously

David worshiped repentantly

David worshiped quietly

David worshiped repeatedly

David worshiped encouragingly

David worshiped melodiously

David worshiped maturatively

David worshiped when elderly

Meaty, meaty book.