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Theatre House, Inc. 1.800.827.2414 - HelenaZF - 02-24-2006

Great resource for multiple colors of same fabrics like lames, brocades, sheers. Some good specialty glitz too.

Check out their website:

<URL url="http://www.theatrehouse.com/">http://www.theatrehouse.com/ ask for a FREE CATALOGUE.

Quote:Since 1955 Theatre House has been a family-owned retail mail order supplier of all your theatrical needs:  costumes, curtains, wigs, weapons, masks, make-up, props, paints, lights, fabrics, and accessories -- everything required to make your next performance or party a dazzling success!  Scroll down the list on the left side to get an idea of the merchandise we carry or request a FREE 2005/6 printed catalog.  Under our SPECIALS page you'll find "NEW PRODUCTS" for interesting new items, "CLEARANCE" for special discontinued items, and the "SEASONAL" page for items you might need right now!