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Clown ministry is not just for children - HelenaZF - 08-27-2006

I don't know what your experience is with clown ministry, but I suspect for most people that there is a presumption that it is an avenue used to minister to children. And yes, it can be very effective used in that way. But it can also be an effective way to communicate Kingdom truths to adults as well, using both humor and pathos in well planned and prayed-through presentations and skits.

Dean and I were part of a clown ministry troupe many years ago called "Peculiar People." These were mime or silent clowns who produced skits and musical interpretations that were often very powerful and could bring people to tears, repentance, healing and salvation. The clown personna is gender-neutral, anonymous, and yet the character representation can reveal the most secret of inner characters.....and therefore people of any age, sex or background can relate without the personality of the artist getting in the way.

When you are developing your clown personna, a lot of soul searching can go on before the Lord reveals who your clown character is and how that character will be interpreted in make-up, garmenting and in personality. That character can then be used to make some powerful communications, either solo or as part of a troupe, that can only be catogorized as ministry.

I've gone on to use some of the mime skills I started developing with clown ministry into a basis for much of my interpretive dance choreography that I use today.

So I'd just like to encourage those of you who have some clowning experience to share it with us and maybe seek the Lord for a plan on how to use your character in service to the Kingdom. We have a couple of ZFF members here with some experience in this area that can be a resource to you.

Clown ministry is not just for children - Jireh - 03-08-2007

I am interested in learning more about clown ministry. It sounds like something we could use as a ministry tool at one of our dance clinic.

Clown ministry is not just for children - mmitch47 - 05-15-2009

Hi My name is Gherkin K Dill. The K stands for Kosher.

I am called Pickles by my friends and a few enemies.

I have been in clown ministry in one way or another since 1982. Post some of the things that you want to know about. The practical how tos? or more spiritual information. Have you read about clowns and their history? Do you spend time with the One who can give the creative imagination to portray a truth in a way that prople will not miss the intent. Post again or e-mail and I would be glad to share what I have learned by going to clown school and in the school of the spirit and scripture.


<EMAIL email="mmitch47@comcast.net">mmitch47@comcast.net</EMAIL>