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Worship "Stations" - DeanZF - 08-08-2006

I got an email this morning from one of several lists to which I subscribe.

This came through WorshipIdeas.com, edited by Don Chapman.

Tell me what you think of the concept. Have you experienced such a thing? Do you think it would work with your congregation or not? Why? Inquiring minds and all that stuff. Smile



- WorshipIdea: Postmodern Stations


A few weeks ago I talked about how Seacoast Church is doing the new postmodern stations thing [read "Postmodern Path" at my blogger site, link below.]

What's so new about Communion and prayer? Here's what: Seacoast's version is optional and interactive.

The modern service order is linear - announcements, music, offertory, sermon - insert whatever - all in a straight chronological line. Everyone is experiencing the same thing, together, simultaneously.

The postmodern mind is different. Think of a teenager listening to his iPod, doing homework and watching TRL [MTV's Total Request Live] all at the same time. This mindset can multitask, and in fact, would prefer to multitask. We live in an overstimulated age and a one-track mind can be boring.

While the Seacoast service is mainly linear, there is a portion that isn't. During this portion of the service, a person can choose to do one, none, some or all of the


1. Participate in congregational singing.

2. Move to a station to receive Communion.

3. Move to a station to make an offering.

4. Move to a station and pray with leadership.

5. Move to a station, say a prayer and light a candle as a symbol of that prayer.

6. Move to a station, write a prayer concern [sin, healing, etc.] on a piece of paper and nail it to a cross.

Here's how the current service order looks:

>5 minute countdown video.

>2 upbeat worship songs.

>welcome, announcements.


>3-4 songs or hymns, during which you may participate in any or all of the 6 options above.


Church. It's not just for sitting anymore.

See pics of the Seacoast Greenville stations at my new Flickr page:

<URL url="http://www.flickr.com/photos/worshipideas/sets/">http://www.flickr.com/photos/worshipideas/sets/

Postmodern Path blog entry:

<URL url="http://worshipideas.blogspot.com/2006/07/postmodern-path.html"><LINK_TEXT text="http://worshipideas.blogspot.com/2006/0 ... -path.html">http://worshipideas.blogspot.com/2006/07/p...odern-path.html</LINK_TEXT>

Worship "Stations" - HelenaZF - 08-11-2006

I don't see the point of this...really.......except to cater to a generation of people accustomed to bombardment with multiple stimuli who get bored if they can't wander off and attend to whatever is popping into their minds at the moment.

Sounds like church for the ADD to me. And a lot like the failed "open classroom" movement in education practices popular in the 70's.

Gathering for church services is meant to be a corporate event. Where we come together to worship, celebrate, and be encouraged. We have the other 7 days and 22 hours to wander about on our own.

Worship "Stations" - sonworshiper - 08-13-2006

Hi all,

I agree with Helena, it seems terribly disorganized and confusing! People around this area think our church sounds confusing--people can ask questions during the sermon and such. . . .but it isn't--just different to those who aren't use to "open" services. But the station idea, kind of sounds like registration day at a camp! ;-)