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An interesting History Lesson - DeanZF - 07-29-2006

I received this from a Christian brother who lives with his wife and family in Jerusalem. He's been reporting and commenting on events and happenings in and around Israel. Very, very interesting history of how things came to be, and reinforcement of the way the islamic militias have done business in Lebanon for decades! Watch for links to pictures and a map.


Dear Ones,

This is an email to a dear Israeli friend who was in the Lebanon War of the 1980s. His email to me prompted me to write of that time when I was there myself covering the war, and actually, when all was said and done, it seemed too informative to send only to one person.

Isaac, I hope you don't mind. Blessings my brother.

Yours -- on the border of your nation,

Ron Cantrell

<URL url="http://www.shalom-shalom-jerusalem.org/">Shalom-Shalom Jerusalem


Dear Isaac,

Here I am in Metullah . . . Artillery booming all around me...I didn't sleep much at the hotel last night, what with the windows of the building shaking with every boom...F-16s flying overhead day and night, dropping their payloads upon southern Lebanon. Katyushas have been falling...more than 60 just this afternoon...Sound familiar?

<IMG content="http://i54.photobucket.com/albums/g101/DeanGThomas/Northmap.gif">[Image: Northmap.gif]

"Map of the Region"

My drive up from Jerusalem proved to be exciting. Passing through Tiberias, it was a virtual ghost town: all shops and restaurants closed up tight, no cars, no one swimming, I was the only one on the boardwalk. Then I heard the sirens...and had to took shelter under the boardwalk. I heard the Katyushas fall. Carol told me later that the Fajr-5 rockets fell in Afula. Must've whistled over my head...

I came across a unit of soldiers today from the Nahal unit, just let out of Lebanon for a short break. Then were taking a cool dip in the Jordan River. I promised to post their photo on our website for you to pray for them. They were very excited to know people were praying for them.

<IMG content="http://i54.photobucket.com/albums/g101/DeanGThomas/NahalSoldiers.jpg">[Image: NahalSoldiers.jpg]

<URL url="http://www.shalom-shalom-jerusalem.org/prayforisrael.html">Click here for list of soldiers to pray for

Thanks for your email and reminder that you were here in the 1980s with the IDF. And here Israels military are back again. Will the world let Israel finish this this time?

I am working on a story of how the war is affecting the businesses of Israels north. I am shocked at the financial devastation and wondering how Israel will bounce back from that. More deadly than the bombs falling is the inability to function with business as usual.

I remember 1982 so well. In fact, I was surprised because the hotel manager where we interviewed Major Said Hadad remembered me, if you can believe that! I know you know that Hadad was the Major of the Christian armed forces that fought against Arafats PLO back then. Their objective was to create a buffer zone to keep the rockets from Israeli towns.

<IMG content="http://i54.photobucket.com/albums/g101/DeanGThomas/commanders.jpg">[Image: commanders.jpg]

Major Said Hadad confering with IDF commanders at the hotel in Metullah - 1982

Unfortunately the "Inn was full" of media people, so I am in a hotel down the street with a great observation deck. You can see Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Israel all in one 360 degree pan of the camera.

Each of the three times I entered Lebanon with an IDF convoy back then, an armed IDF soldier was also placed inside our vehicle. I remember Moshe best, probably because of his bravado coupled with a very calm attitude. Somewhere between Tyre and Sidon, Moshe told us that he wanted to show us a Palestinian refugee camp. He told us he would tell us where to turn. All of us in the car just looked at one another as if Moshe had lost his mind. Why would we enter a Palestinian Refugee Camp in Lebanon?

However, I must say, things in Lebanon were not what we expected anywhere that we traveled. In fact, in the Lebanese city of Tyre, a local pastor had to guide us to the small area that had been bombed by Israel. It was not visible or obvious upon entering the city. When we arrived there, I could see that the news media ABC, NBC, and CBS (no CNN back then) - had shot from every angle possible, and only then created a montage to make it appear that the damage was indeed destruction. Israel just had to take it in the gut as we didnt have the advantage of internet back then. Actually, the buildings we saw as suggested Israeli "bombing devastion," had, in fact, been bombed some 15 years earlier during the Lebanese civil war, and not by the Israeli invasion as was being widely publicized. The media photographed these buildings, however, again and again, in order to blame Israel, suggesting they were to blame for an even greater destruction. The steel beams sticking out of the bombed buildings they were filming were almost rusted through, proof of damage from so long ago.

Upon Moshes instructions, we turned off the main coastal highway leading to the Palestinian refugee camp. Just a note to say that the Palestinians had been driven out of Jordan by King Hussein in 1970 after Arafat declared Palestinian Statehood there in northern Jordan. The Black September terrorist group took their name from that black month in their history. Arafat and the PLO set up their headquarters in Beirut where he ran his terror operations and training camps.

<IMG content="http://i54.photobucket.com/albums/g101/DeanGThomas/495039_arafat_beirut.jpg">[Image: 495039_arafat_beirut.jpg]

Arafat strolling the streets of Beirut he ruled in 1982

When we drove into the Palestinian refugee camp itself, a large U.N. truck was surrounded by the Palestinian men from the camp. When they saw Moshe get out of our vehicle, three of them headed for our car. I was frozen as the crowd surrounding the truck were obviously angry. I was expecting the men to attack us.

Instead I heard, Moshe, we are so glad to see you. Please tell the U.N. not to send trucks here anymore! Not only are they not bringing us food, they are stealing the little we have!

I could not believe my ears. They went on to say, You are like a brother to us...you are always welcome here, and we believe you know that.

<IMG content="http://i54.photobucket.com/albums/g101/DeanGThomas/welcomeIDF.jpg">[Image: welcomeIDF.jpg]

The Lebanese citizens welcome the IDF soldiers, liberating their nation from terrorists

I thought to myself how desperately the world needed to hear that information. Arafat, their own champion, in league with the United Nations against them. What a sad but very real proof of the statement that the Arab nations kept the refugees down and dirt-poor as pawns in their political chess game.

Only later did we learn that also at that time the U.N. was harboring terrorist organizations in the basement of their southern Lebanon building and gun running across Israeli borders with complete diplomatic immunity. When Israel gained possession of the U.N. building in south Lebanon, they found the terror training school in the basement, run by Arafat and the PLO, and equipped with one the best language labs in the world. Why? Because the terrorists were there in training from terror organizations all over the world - China, Africa, South America, etc, even Ireland's IRA. The storage areas of the building were stocked with arms that took Israel weeks to evacuate by truckload after truckload. Not only that area, but tunnels bored out of the mountain with Russian-made machinery that ran for miles connecting a network of underground hiding places. The weaponry was fantastic.

Three times I traveled by Israeli convoy into Lebanon, going as far as Beirut on those journeys. And, here also, once again, the small area of Beirut that was damaged back during the civil war, was inordinately focused on by the media, to put Israel in a bad light. We searched for an address in Beirut for over two hours and never saw a damaged building. I cant say what the media is presently doing inside Beirut along those lines because it is too early for us from Israel to be able to enter Lebanon. However, if Israel is wrecking havoc upon Lebanon to drive Hezbollah out of the country, I am certain, without a doubt, that there will be dancing in the streets, should they succeed. The poor Lebanese citizens have been victimized and threatened with their lives should they be seen as unfavorable to Iran and Syrias terror baby, Hezbollah. The world will be shocked, once again no doubt, with what Israel finds as they push Nasrallah and his terror group away their borders. Once again, Israel is fighting for her existence, and at the same time, has to qualify the reasons why.

I am suggesting to our readership Yossef Bodanskys book, Target America (the old title Target the West) as detailed reading material on the entire terror situation in this region. The print date is 1993, and yet Bodansky details the Iranian airports solely dedicated to training terrorists to fly large airliners into tall buildings.

I dont think we have seen the full extent of Ayatollah Khomeinis Islamic Revolution across the world. His launching of the Revolution in 1970 seemed such a joke back then. We are eating the fruit of his insanity now.

I can only thank God that He is in control. I trust that we are right on His schedule and He is the Victor. I say that -- as blasts echo all around me here in Metullah, on the Northern Israeli border. An ideology is tested on the ground amidst very real fighting.

I recall the words of British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain during WWII, that, all would have been okay, if only Hitler had not lied to him. Likewise, any negotiation with Hezbollah, Syria, or Iran will surely be Hitler-ish lies.

I take great comfort in Churchills words knowing that these are the times that try mens souls. We shall fight them on the sea . . . In the air . . . On the shores . . ." Today, here on Israel's borders, I have also taken up my post before the face of the Lord, on behalf of this nation and His people.

Yours in HIM

Ron Cantrell

<URL url="http://www.shalom-shalom-jerusalem.org/">Shalom-Shalom Jerusalem

An interesting History Lesson - HelenaZF - 08-04-2006

Isn't it amazing how the stories of the UN-terrorist conspiracies never make it to the world press. It just makes one's blood boil, doesn't it?