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thought to ponder - HelenaZF - 02-22-2006

I had a pastor years ago who said, "God will honor what you honor." The phrase came back to me tonight while listening to a Bob Mumford tape called "The Agape Road". What Bob said was "what you focus on becomes bigger" (as in a bigger, more important part of your life).

So what I'd like to explore is the truth of that first statement. In the natural, if you take care of something (like a plant), it will flourish. So in a sense, you have "honored" the plant, and there was a resultant blessing. But what about the spiritual? How does it apply to our worship life? Our ministries in the church? :think:

Is it true that if we honor worship, or specific expressions of worship like dance or prophetic singing or pageantry, that it will flourish? Is it even a scriptural :bible: concept to say that God will bring blessing on the things we honor?

I would surely like to think so. But then, that brings us to the other part of the corollary: that if we dishonor something, God will not honor it. Sometimes I wonder if that is why worship in some fellowships is not robust and life-giving. Maybe there has been "dishonor" of worship expression from some source.

We tend to blame lack-luster worship on worship leaders, or an apathetic congregation. I wonder how much of that is, instead, brought on by a failure to give validation and place for the thing that we want to flourish.

thought to ponder - flaglady - 04-30-2006

Good point! (goes away to have a think!!<IMG content="http://i21.photobucket.com/albums/b286/flagady15/smilies/smiliemousewheel.gif">[Image: smiliemousewheel.gif]