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song leaders are teachers! - HelenaZF - 07-08-2006

Are you the person that chooses the song list for your church service? Are you aware of what a powerful TEACHER you are? It's very humbling, when you realize just how much power you have to affect others with your choice of songs.

Why is that? Several reasons. Did you know that some song you have chosen is going to be in my head and in my spirit ALL week? It will be playing over and over. I'll be aware of it in quiet moments. As I wake up or am falling asleep, my spirit is singing that song. The words of that song are playing over and over, imprinting themselves on my spirit, quietly affecting the way I think and respond to things.

So what is that song you have chosen for the song list this week? Is it scripture? That is a perfect thing to insert in someone's spirit. Is it scripturAL? Another good thing. Does it impart the truth of the Kingdom? Is it theologically sound? hmmmm.....now we're getting into areas where some judgement comes into play.

Sometimes the songs that are popular, contemporary, the "new" hot thing don't meet the measuring rod of theological and scriptural integrity. (Some beloved old standby's don't measure up either.) Sometimes, they are catchy tunes or sentiments that grab our emotions, but on closer examination, may fall short of being TRUE. Most musicians/song-leaders are not studied theologians, and we can sometimes miss these things. That's why we have to be open to the words of our spiritual leaders who might come to us and say 'You know that song you introduced this week? There's a problem with this part of the lyrics. We need to change that, or stop singing the song."

If you have a pastor/leader like that, you are very blessed, because he is watching carefully that his congregation is getting healthy spiritual "food". It might seem restrictive or even mean to hear that you cannot use a very popular new song.....but instead of being resentful about it, we should be relieved and thankful that we are not the instruments of bringing something to the people that can spiritually sicken them.

I would love to see churches put overseers in place who would look at our song lists, and cull them for bad teaching, sentiment instead of substance, and bad theology. That would be such a valuable service. And as song leaders, we can do our part to keep aware as we choose our music. Think about the lyrics, and assess them for scriptural integrity. And it's a good idea to ask for input if something seems a bit off, but you can't exactly say why. I believe we song leaders have to take very seriously the power we have as teachers in the body. It's too our benefit to do so, as we will be held accountable for what we teach.

song leaders are teachers! - sonworshiper - 07-14-2006

Hey Helena!

I've often considered myself a teacher as a worship leader / lead worshiper, although not for the reasons you mentioned above. Your post gave me much food for thought. . . and I have to agree, we do influence people's songs for the week much more than we realize!

The area that I've felt I was a teacher was just in the "act" (for lack of a better word) of worship. . .teaching people that it's okay to step outside of denominational boxes, or the "way" we were taught to worship, or still, how others expect us to worship. Releasing them and giving them the freedom and permission to experiment with worship forms outside of their comfort zones. . . .if that makes any sense.

I'd never really considered myself in that way, until a woman thanked me for teaching her how to worship. That was an extremely humbling moment. :-)

My 2 cents worth. . . .(canadian of course) ;-)



song leaders are teachers! - HelenaZF - 07-14-2006

And that was a good :2: worth! (Canadian not withstanding...) Definitely, we teach by example. I think that one of the main tools we have for teaching is modeling. In fact, there are probably things that cannot be taught without modeling them.

Good point, Moe! :up: