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Please help spread the word about ZFF - HelenaZF - 02-21-2006

Please, y'all......go through your address books and send the link to this site to any arts and worship ministers you know and invite them here. (easy way--forward them the invitation e-mail you received) We'd appreciate so much having help getting the word out. Confusedhofar:

It will be a while before the search engines pick us up, and we don't yet have a link uploaded to our ZF website, so we would appreciate our current members to start noising us about.


Please help spread the word about ZFF - HelenaZF - 03-18-2006

Here's some ways you can help us spread the word about our message board:

Confusedpark: Add our website link to your e-mail signature. We have an easy-to-remember name now--ZionFireFriends.com

Confusedpark: Please add us as a favorite link on your website or blog.

Confusedpark: Put our link in your signature at other message boards you visit. (You can use the image button that's at the bottom of our pages if you like.) Select all in the text box and copy, or use this BB code version:

Confusedpark: have <URL url="http://www.ZionFireFriends.com">www.ZionFireFriends.com tattooed on your forehead. (JUST kidding.......)