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Smilies Rule - DeanZF - 06-30-2006

Helena has more fun looking for fun and funny pix :jester: plus nifty little add-ons for the forum. Always bringing a smile to my face.

Don't you love the hoards of Hell? :mob: When I first saw them, I thought it was a 70s concert flicking their Bic lighters.

Then there's the rainbow choir. :choir: Sure wished they swayed. And of course, all the musical stuff :tuba: and the irish dancers. :linedance:

What a HOOT! :dalag:

Smilies Rule - HelenaZF - 06-30-2006

Here's your swaying choir.....(both choirs are in the hidden smilie list....)


Added a few more since I had to re-arrange a couple of the big ones. :chickendance:

Here's one of Dean to the rescue! Confuseduperman: and the backup troops! :horsie:

One for when you are singing "All we are saaaaaying....is Give Peace a Chance".... :bic:

This one is for Rochelle's Rabbi Boppowitz: :boxer:

And now, when we make a joke.....we have somebody to do the rimshot for us!


Smilies Rule - DeanZF - 07-01-2006

Pretty darned silly. Good use of sillysmilies! Tongue

Smilies Rule - flaglady - 07-01-2006

I think your new smileys are great! Thank yiu for your hard work. My sister (age 74) has just created a forum and I've seen what goes into it.

Bless you!!

Smilies Rule - Runtshell - 12-17-2006

:up: Great smilies! This could be fun. :jester:

Smilies Rule - sonworshiper - 12-29-2006

Ah yes. :hi:

As I wrote before, I LOVE smilies. :yay: They make me laugh at the best of times! :up: And the ones you have here Helena, are second to none! :notworthy:

I think I still like the :crooner: the best, there are just so many to choose from!

:circledance: is cute. . .I have to admit. Nothing like a good cup of :coffee: though.


Be blessed!



Smilies Rule - theking111 - 10-16-2007

:typing: I like this one, it's funny to see a smiley with hands like claws.

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