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Starting a new banner - Bearing Gifts - 04-02-2006

Dear Helena

we have been praying on and off for the new banner project-sooooo glad to read this is occuring.

Thanks for asking about my family. My brother and his wife are in Victoria, fruitpickung for the season so were safe there. Now Tho' we're had several cyclones in the far north of W.A. three days plus of driving from here. Rescue and rebuilding teams are in the morth in several locations. No lives lost as far as I am aware. PTL!

Samuel (5) Just looked over my shoulder and asked what are all those smiling faces Daddy? :tazrant: -he likes TAZZY!!

Over the past six months, I've been 'lead' to buy costume jewellery, and other bits and pieces to begin building resources for banner making...... After teaching art last year, I drew and drew and drew for school-based activities, utilized painting skills/techniques not used since the ninties etc., etc.. I found the creative atrs juices flowing more and more. I am just being obedient at present and waiting to see what becomes of the collation process; whether this is for reources for other or my self or both, ABBA will reveal.


David :bishop:

Starting a new banner - HelenaZF - 04-02-2006

If Samuel likes Tazzy, he'll like the animated version even more (you have to click on "show all" at the bottom of the smilie list to find him.) I bet he is cute as a button!


That's exciting to hear how the Lord is guiding you towards banner-making (or banner-making enabling--whatever it turns out to be!). I hope you'll keep us updated on any new projects you start.

One of my hopes for this message board is that we can share and get ideas for the worship projects we are working on, whatever they might be.

As for the banner--the cloud seems to have moved on. I can't get myself back into it, so it has been put away again (partially completed this time). I just can't make myself work on something like this if the sense of "life" isn't in it. So, apparently, I've either missed the day of visitation on that one, or there will be another time in the future that it will be right to work on it. Thanks to those who have been praying.