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The Lost Glory - school for worship artists - HelenaZF - 05-06-2006

The Lost Glory school of worship

"The Lost Glory School of Worship and Ministry is a completely new sort of ministry school offering a full time four month course for worshippers and musicians. Based at Folly's End Church in Croydon, UK, this groundbreaking new school is based around the teaching of Dave Markee's book "The Lost Glory" which, in the words of Steve Chalke is a "passionate call to the church, its leaders and artists."

More of the vision here: <URL url="http://www.thelostglory.com/theschool.php?schoolid=vision">Lost Glory school of worship - the vision

The curriculum <URL url="http://www.thelostglory.com/theschool.php?schoolid=curriculum"><LINK_TEXT text="http://www.thelostglory.com/theschool.p ... curriculum">http://www.thelostglory.com/theschool.php?...olid=curriculum</LINK_TEXT> contains a rich variety of emphasis areas, but these arethe lists that caught my eye;

We will cover the following topics:

# Corporate Worship

# Thanksgiving

# Hebraic Praise

# A Study of the Psalms

# Intercessory Worship

# Tabernacle Worship

# Cultivating intimacy

We aim to have practical sessions in the following areas:

# Band Dynamics

# Worship Leading

# Prophetic Worship


The aim of these teachings is to develop Godly leaders who are able to confidently draw out the best from others and lead them into their destiny and calling. Topics covered are:

# Foundations for leadership

# Sonship and honour

# Revival history and church history

# Discovering our Jewish roots

# Action-centred leadership and team building

# Visionary leadership

The Lost Glory - school for worship artists - HelenaZF - 05-06-2006

What a great blessing it would be to have 4 months to devote to immersing yourself in learning the ins & outs of your arts calling in worship! The curriculum encompass the sorts of things that we've always tried to bring to other artists that we have the privilege to disciple, especially in the areas of the worship of the Psalms and of hebraic styles and jewish roots.

We had some unique opportunities to do just that in our time with David's House....although in much smaller doses....a weekend at a time, and yet saw so much fruit even in the space of a few days of intense classes, rehearsals and presentations. I can only imagine what could be done with someone's complete attention and devotion to this kind of study in 4 months.

Definitely going to have to check out Dave Markee's book, "The Lost Glory".