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should local church dance teams minister evry week - HelenaZF - 02-19-2006

Does your dance team :danceteam: minister in your church's weekly worship service? Or are your contributions occasional, regular (but not weekly) or only on special holidays?

Are you happy or unhappy with the arrangement? Why?

should local church dance teams minister evry week - Sylvia - 02-20-2006

Oddly, the board wouldn't allow me to start a topic in the Guest Book forum but will allow me to post elsewhere. Smile

Anyway, thank you for the forum, I think it will be very useful. I found out about it on the Worship Leader email List.

We do not have a dance ministry at our church, however, we do have several little girls who spontaneouly break out into dance every now and then! B) The pastor loves it and no one has yet spoken out against it. An amazing thing in this very conservative church. The pastor and I have talked about it and agreed that it is right to allow it and encourage it when it occurs.

should local church dance teams minister evry week - HelenaZF - 02-20-2006

Welcome Sylvia! How wonderful that children are allowed to express their worship through spontaneous dance at your church. Kids are very sensitive to the Spirit, and it's such a natural response for them. :twirl:

Unless we mess it up. Oy. :oy:

As to the posting issue you mention, I think what probably happened was that you registered before you tried to post in the guest register. I hadn't anticipated that, so I'll fix things so that doesn't happen to someone else. Thanks for mentioning it!

should local church dance teams minister evry week - DeanZF - 02-20-2006

I absolutely LOVE the cyber-dance team shown in the original post. What a HOOT! Helena has almost as much fun finding smilies as she does in worshiping our Lord.

I'm curious to find out how many folks have dance ministry as a part of the greater worship team concept, as well as how many actually have freedom to minister on a weekly, "as the Lord leads" basis.


Dean Confusedhfar:

should local church dance teams minister evry week - Sylvia - 02-24-2006

Look what a friend sent me.........I loaded it on my web site so I could share it with you...

[Image: dance.gif]

should local church dance teams minister evry week - kvetch - 02-25-2006

Just to answer your question....NO Dancing at our church. We go to a Southern Baptist Church ....they are finally getting into some more contemporary music but dancing is a long way off. Our Music minister doesn't really have a problem with it but some of the older folks would probably croak if someone broke out in dance. We have a new, young pastor who is really on fire and people have actually started to raise thier hands etc...amazing.

So just keep us in prayer......I am hoping for dance in the futre


Barb :twirl: :yayisrael:

should local church dance teams minister evry week - HelenaZF - 02-26-2006

In our church a CEC (Charismatic Episcopal Church) Cathedral, our dance team ministers on the first Sunday of each month. We call it "Celebration Sunday". In between, I'm free to interject movement myself (which I do with flags, banners, and intepretive dance), but am not permitted to include the dance team. We do additional ministry at holidays and provincial convocations when invited. The leadership seems happy with that arrangement. :bishop:

I'm at peace with it, myself. Although I believe that expressive movement can be appropriate anytime worship is happening, that is not the view of our leadership. One of the reasons I have been given is that they think the congregation will get tired of it if it is a part of every service.

We have a small but mighty and very committed team of seasoned dance/intercessors who are willing to function according to the desires of the leadership. They are a great model of meekness (strength under control) and because of that, I know the Lord honors the worship offerings of our team.

should local church dance teams minister evry week - HelenaZF - 03-16-2006

love the twirling dancer, Sylvia!

Just found these circle dancer smilies....aren't they cute?

<URL url="http://imageshack.us"><IMG content="http://img156.imageshack.us/img156/2418/circle4gp.gif">[Image: circle4gp.gif]

should local church dance teams minister evry week - Runtshell - 04-09-2006

I'm part of the dance team leadership at our Messianic Synagogue, Or Ha Olam in Overland Park, KS. Our worship time is awesome! I've never been in a 'church' quite like this before!

With our new team leader we are moving into garmenting and more interpretive movement. Our congregation has been using circle dance as part of the worship since its beginning 10 years ago. We also have a congregational line dance every week that is very popular. :yayisrael:


should local church dance teams minister evry week - flaglady - 04-30-2006

We don't have any dance team at our church, more's the pity, but whenever I'm there, I always use flags for every song and sometimes move from my allotted space beside the podium (we have an unusual triangular shaped podium) to centre front with some songs. Space is a bit limited there and there are often kiddies on the floor playing with their stuff so I have to be ultra careful which rather interrupts the flow of the Spirit.

However, when we sing some of the more traditional hymns which defy my usual kind of flagging, I might use what I call "Presenting the Battle Standard of God" where I bunch the material up onto the pole and hold it up like the battle standards you see displayed in castles and places. I usually use at least two, sometimes three and occasionally four flags for this and parade back and forth and turn around, holding them as high as I can, presenting them to the people during the singing. Very effective.

Other times I use the flag(s) whilst the pastor or someone else is praying. Then I may turn and turn, holding the flag horizontal at arms length and 'fly' it like an aeroplane wing but as slowly as I can, just enough to keep it flying. Or I might hold the pole horizontally, holding it with both hands with the material hanging down in front of me and just waft it to and fro. The colours, of course, are important to emphasis the subject of the prayer.

BTW Sylvia - that piccy is really lovely!