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Picture Hosting links in all the forums now - HelenaZF - 04-18-2006

I've put a link to the ImageShack free picture hosting site on the top of most forums. There is also a link in your posting box just below the smilie list. Clicking the Host a Pic link will make it super easy for you to copy & post pictures from the internet (URL), or download and host pictures you have stored in your computer (FILE).

To host a picture from the web right-click on it, then scroll down the options and click on "Properties". Highlight and copy the WHOLE URL address in the "Location". Paste that into the URL box on the ImageShack hosting screen. Click on "HOST IT". You will be given a bunch of coded address choices.

To host a picture that you have stored on your computer, go to the ImageShack hosting screen and choose the "FILE" option. Click "BROWSE". Find the file on your computer, highlight it and OPEN it. The address will appear in the address box on the ImageShack screen. Click on "HOST IT", and you willl be given the coded address options as above.

For both applications: Copy the coded address that says "for forums (1). Just paste it into your post here and when you submit the post, it will reappear with your picture showing.

You can choose either a THUMBNAIL code (small pic that will enlarge when clicked on), or a FULL SIZE code. Either is fine to post here.