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For the Audience of One - flaglady - 04-10-2006

For the Audience of One: The Soul Survivor Guide to Worship (Soul Survivor Guide to Worship) ~Mike Pilavachi, et al

Just finished reading this book and it's a really good, teaching read. It focusses upon the worship team, principally, though it's got good points for anyone seeking to lead worship or be a principle in the worship (which, of course, is everyone!).

I found it a very enlightening approach to this whole matter and educational. Mike Pilavachi has a great heart for God and is a humble team leader. Highly recommended even if he did make :blink: remarks about a guy going round the church with a flag! He retracted, though, and admitted his misunderstanding when he discovered that this man was also a fearsome prayer warrior whilst parading his giant flag! Guess it just proves that anyone will jump to (misguided) conclusions when they first meet something new!

For the Audience of One - happysandyh - 10-05-2006

I heard Mike Pilavachi speak once and was really blessed by his ministry ! I didn't know he'd written a book. I'll have to look for it.