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Prayer cloths project - HelenaZF - 08-04-2018

I have recently been asked to provide some prayer cloths for the healing prayer ministry at our church. A prayer cloth, for those unfamiliar, is a bit of cloth given to the person in need used a touch point for healing. The biblical precedent for this kingdom symbol is the passage in Acts where it is reported that Paul's handkerchief was taken to the sick and that the healing anointing carried by it was able to transfer healing virtue to the sick and they were made well.

As I pondered and prayed about The design, it came to me that the tallit or prayer shawl would be an appropriate design to base the prayer cloth on. I came up with a design that suggested the stripes and bonnet of a traditional tallit design, and added one knotted cord to a corner. Our bishop often speaks about faith in God as "pulling on the cord of hope". These prayer shawls have a literal chord that can be that touchpoint for the person it is given to

The cloths are 4x7 inches and are decorated with colored ribbon. The "bonnet" ribbon is white and a special scripture verse could be written there that prophesies God's healing intent for the receiver.

Many of the white linen cloths were made with the familiar royal blue stripes, but some were made with embroidered ribbons and some with fabric that was purchases in the Old City in Jerusalem.

The prayer cloths are now in service, but the next time I make some, I'll take a picture and post it here for you.