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I'm keeping going despite it all! - flaglady - 02-02-2017

A little update on me.

It seems my ministry of flags was to be short-lived. It started around 1999 and reached it's peak in 2006. At that time, I left the church I was in but despite searching, have been unable to find another church where I would be able to use flags, that had enough room for me to use flags and most importantly, where the pastor would accept flags in the first place! I did get the odd request to give a demo or join in worship with them but it was becoming obvious that the damage I was doing was getting bad.

Years rolled on and the pain in my shoulders finally got too bad for me to use them anyway. I now haven't lifted a flag for about 6 years and it breaks my heart to see them in the corner of my bedroom gathering dust.

Last year I had surgery on the left shoulder and the surgeon told me the damage was VERY bad and he was glad I hadn't left it any longer. He first suggested this surgery back in 2005 but I was content to get by with cortisone injections a couple of times a year. I am now on the list to have the right shoulder done but he's told me not to use the flags again. I replied that I wouldn't until and if the Lord told me to!

I still have my website up if you're interested [<URL url="http://www.flagsforworship.co.uk/">http://www.flagsforworship.co.uk/] thought I've had to build it from scratch more than once! But that's another tale!

However, so far as my faith is concerned, I am pleased to report that it's not wavered one little bit. My prayer partner friend and I still get together on the phone every week and have some quite invigorating prayer time together. She used to live in Spain and since we couldn't get together, we'd 'meet up' on the phone and even though she's returned to the UK last year, we're still having our weekly prayer gig!

Praise the Lord!

I'm keeping going despite it all! - HelenaZF - 02-02-2017

I'm so glad you stopped by to give an update on how things are going for you.

I pray that the next surgery will be successful and free you from pain.

The gift that is within us does not diminish because we are in a position or condition that doesn't allow us to exercise it. It will come out another way. So I encourage you to be looking for that way.

Thanks for posting your website. I'll be taking a look at that again soon. Smile