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Psalm 121 - DeanZF - 03-24-2013

Psalm 121

The LORD the Keeper of Israel

A Song of Ascents
<LIST type="decimal">
  1. <LI>
  2. I will lift up my eyes to the mountains;

    From where shall my help come?</LI>
  3. My help comes from the LORD,

    Who made heaven and earth.</LI>
  4. He will not allow your foot to slip;

    He who keeps you will not slumber.</LI>
  5. Behold, He who keeps Israel

    Will neither slumber nor sleep.</LI>

  6. The LORD is your keeper;

    The LORD is your shade on your right hand.</LI>
  7. The sun will not smite you by day,

    Nor the moon by night.</LI>
  8. The LORD will protect you from all evil;

    He will keep your soul.</LI>
  9. The LORD will guard your going out and your coming in

    From this time forth and forever.</LI>
</LIST>We're on the road, the mountains in the distance showing just a hint of the golden tones of the rock all around the city. We sing the obvious rhetorical question of, "Why where shall my help come from?" The proclamation here is mighty and one that I can repeat daily. My help always and ever comes from Him. He will not allow my foot to slip because He never sleeps in His watch over me and over Israel.

Walking from our village to the mountain, there are not many inhabited rest stops along the way. The way is pretty much deserted with plenty of places where dangers and evils can lurk. We are confident of the where and Who of our help and protection, but we are walking out our faith each time we make this journey. Poisonous and bitey creatures can harm or kill. Bandits could leave us like the sojourner rescued by the good and godly Samaritan. HaShem is guarding our going out. Bless His Name.