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Board conversion completed! - HelenaZF - 08-12-2010

We are now in the process of converting this board from Invisionfree to the ZetaBoards software. This will in time, allow us to integrate our website with this message board.

Things will be a little messy for a while as we make the transition, but all necessary functions will be accessible during the change.

The new theme, Jerusalem Gold was designed especially this site. Our main site, ZionFire.com is also scheduled for an update and will have a coordinating theme. We'll update you further on that as it progresses.

Hope you all enjoy the new look and features of the new board. All content and preferences will be preserved in the change. But some things will of necessity need to be moved around. So if you can't find something, just ask... and we'll point you to it.

It will also take us a while to get search links and such sorted. Please bear with us.

Board conversion completed! - HelenaZF - 11-21-2010

There are still a few topics that might need a little editing, but everything should be in fairly good order now. If you see a topic with some odd code showing, or a promised download link missing, please click the report button and let us know. Thanks.