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Ministry Time in Maryland - DeanZF - 08-18-2009

What a weekend!! Helena & I were invited for a time of R&R with friends in Northern Virginia, not far from Washington, DC and who attend church in the Baltimore area. As we planned for that time, the one span of time that I had available to me because of constraints at my "day job" happened to coincide with a worship retreat in Maryland where our host was involved. We were asked to consider coming along and to see if maybe we could share a little at that retreat and at a nearby church on Sunday of the same weekend. Cool. We're almost always up for times of sharing with the people of God. That's why Father invested what He has in us.

We had a really nice trip. No glitches with travel, early arrivals both ways, even. Nice weather while we were there. While we were there primarily as a get-away, we are always thrilled to enter into discussions of the deep things of the Lord. Those kinds of encounters are not just iron sharpening iron sessions, but they are things that breathe life into us. Absolutely the best kind of restoration and rest for both of us. Very, very refreshing. Long conversations on all sorts of Kingdom topics, applications that none of us had probed in that sort of depth or maybe had never considered. What a joy.

The ministry times were also gifts to us. Saturday, we were in a church setting, and one where the movement ministry was primarily invested in and expressed by a team of six power-packed little ladies. We were able to spend almost an hour with five of them and encourage them and hopefully give them a glimpse of another level of ministry for them. We also were able to minister to a lovely woman who may be able to serve those young ladies as an adult leader and teacher. I also had the opportunity to spend some time with the musicians and share our heart about the issues of the "greater worship team" concept and how we've grown to see interaction between music, movement, and other worship arts teams, and the pastor. It seemed to be well-received.

Sunday morning was not only a joy, but another one of those God events. Going into a service, being asked to bring something, praying and preparing in anticipation of what the Holy Spirit would weave together from the things planned there and the things brought by us with very little interaction. As happens so often, the readings, banners, dance pieces, sermon, and exhortations were orchestrated as only He can do. Very few tweaks were required to make the service flow with grace. Such amazing grace. Helena will share more about that.

It was a delight!

Ministry Time in Maryland - HelenaZF - 08-18-2009

I have a testimony of God's grace to me personally to share with you. As Dean said, we saw that God had carefully orchestrated all parts of that Sunday morning service to bring his Word for that day. I had prepared a dance that had a healing message and as we learned more about what had happened recently in that parish, it became clear that there was a lot of healing needed there and that God would be speaking important things to people through the message of that dance. However, as often happens, there was a barrier thrown up.

In this case, it was a physical one that could have prevented the ministry from happening at all. The night before, I had a misstep on a staircase and fell, injuring both my right knee and my left foot. I was effectively crippled by the pain, although nothing was broken and I could still walk. So I decided that I would try to dance through the pain, but had no idea how effectively I would be able to move.

Before the service, the pastor prayed for my legs and feet, and we began the service. I was walking with great difficulty because of the stiffness and pain. The music started for the praise time, and I knew that there was an anointing to move out in dance so I did and just hoped for the best. Incredibly, all the pain left and I was able to move freely. I was so amazed, that I even tested it by hopping back and forth from one foot to another. This freedom from pain continued as long as I was dancing. As soon as I stopped, the pain and stiffness returned and I hobbled back to my seat. Later for the two prepared pieces, I had the same experience. No pain during the actual ministry. However, the moment I was finished, the pain returned.

There were numerous comments after the service about words of healing God had spoken to people through the message of the dance, and I believe at least 2 ministries were birthed that day that God will use to bless that church through the arts. His plan was not thwarted, and He showed his grace to me in a unique and special way that I will not soon forget. I am humbled that He would think that moment important enough to give me that gift.

Today I am still limping, but recovering. There was no permanent damage and I will be fine when all the stiffness works out.