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Invitation to a neighborhood church - HelenaZF - 07-03-2009

It's always fun to find kindred spirits, but even more when they are in your own neighborhood.

I was invited this week to give a presentation on kings' crowns at the Wednesday night service for a church just a few blocks from where we live. When I entered the sanctuary and the peaceful singing of the intercessors washed over me, I had an instant sense of welcome. I looked around further and above the platform I saw an Israeli flag hanging. Israel awareness is not a common thing to find in churches, so seeing the flag blessed me and told me that there were receptive hearts here to the message the Lord had sent me to deliver.

I talked about the symbolism of the crowns I had brought following an excellent exegetical study presented by the study leader. The two banners I had brought along also supported the message of God's protection over Israel and his sovereignty over the creation. The attendants were interested and inquisitive and there was a lively question and answer time following the presentation. I believe people there connected with the scriptural truth that was going out to them and they embraced it. The evening was a divine appointment. I have the sense that we will connect again.

Invitation to a neighborhood church - Virginia Sharpe - 07-03-2009


Do you have the information on the crowns written down where you can share it? I would love to read it.

Don't know what all the smiley faces mean so I left them alone.


Virginia Sharpe

DeLand, Fl.

Invitation to a neighborhood church - HelenaZF - 07-03-2009

Yes, some.....the pictures are in the Gallery


Click the scroll on the gallery page for the symbol study on the MightyOne of Israel crown.