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I've learned two new things reading the FAQs! - flaglady - 03-21-2006

Well, I've learned two new things reading this thread!

1. I'd never heard the term "extravagant worship" before but I know that's what I do! My flag worship often reduces me to pulp after a particularly energetic session! And my doc says I should get more exercise! I told her she should come and see me at church!

2. But when you said "it costs us" that I could relate to! I've wrecked both my shoulders which now require surgery some time - can't decide when because my knees now both require joint replacements (and probably my hips as well but I won't blame the flag worship for that! Just my great weight and maybe my age of 64!). However, I'm still believing God for a miracle both of healing and weight loss! But I rarely experience pain or inability to function when I lift the flags - quite the opposite. As a friend said - "It's the annointing!"

But even if I'd known this was on the cards, it wouldn't have stopped me doing the flag worship - it's the most wonderful spiritual experience ever and the Holy Spirit has always dictated what I do within it so who am I to complain or criticise about the consequences?! God never promised us it would be an easy ride to worship Him.