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Useful books
Topic Started: Jul 29 2007, 01:29 PM (1,631 Views)
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Here are some books I can recommend in this area.

I think I should point out that the authors come from a variety of backgrounds and this will affect their conclusions – for example a Christian will have a different approach to a Messianic Jew (and there’s a wide range of viewpoints in the latter category).

Also, please don’t think I necessarily agree with everything they say (I can’t even remember a fraction of it). But all the books listed have helped me in my studies and (in my opinion) are balanced and sound.

I’ve deliberately omitted a considerable number of books about Messianic Judaism, as this is a slightly different topic to the Jewish roots of Christianity. I’ll do a separate list of these later.

I’ve ordered the list by the author’s surname, and included the subtitle so you can get a better idea of what the book is about.

I've done a post on book sourcing, which you'll find in the marketplace forum. Most, if not all, of these are quite easy to find.

I’d be interested in hearing other people’s views on any of these books, and also any other recommendations.
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Don Finto
Your People Shall Be My People – How Israel, The Jews, And The Christian Church Will Come Together In The Last Days
• God’s Promise and the Future of Israel – Compelling Questions People Ask About Israel And the Middle East

John and Patrice Fischer
The Distortion – 2000 Years Of Misrepresenting The Relationship Between Jesus The Messiah And The Jewish People

Barney Kasdan
God’s Appointed Times – A Practical Guide for Understanding and Celebrating the Biblical Holidays
God’s Appointed Customs – A Messianic Jewish Guide to the Biblical Lifecycle and Lifestyle

Derek Leman
Jesus Didn’t Have Blue Eyes– Reclaiming Our Jewish Messiah
Paul Didn’t Eat Pork – Reappraising Paul The Pharisee
• A Fresh Look At The Old Testament

Irene Lipson
Twelve Words Jesus Knew – Twelve Key Words From The Heart Of The Jewish Faith
Blessing The King of The Universe – Transforming Your Life Through The Practice Of Biblical Praise
The Greatest Commandment – How the Sh’ma Leads to More Love in Your Life

Steve Maltz
The Land Of Many Names– Towards a Christian Understanding of the Middle Eastern Conflict
People of Many Names – Towards a Clearer Understanding of the Miracle of the Jewish People

David Mishkin
Rabbi And Redeemer – Discovering Yeshua In The Gospel Of John

Walter Riggans
The Covenant with the Jews – What’s So Unique About The Jewish People
Jesus Ben Joseph – An Introduction To Jesus The Jew
Yeshua Ben David – Why Do The Jewish People Reject Jesus As Their Messiah?

David Stern
Restoring the Jewishness of the Gospel – A Message for Christians
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