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a fresh look for ZFF
Topic Started: Dec 2 2006, 12:43 PM (2,495 Views)
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"more is more"

We've almost completed giving ZFF a fresh look and a little more organization in our navigation that we hope y'all will find pleasant. You may see a few other cosmetic things changing in the next while, but the basic overhaul is now nearly complete.

:spark: New Graphics: The most obvious is the replacement of the jumble of links at the top of the board with a more legible navigation bar, and a new title bar and buttons. (I was getting a little tired of the bright blue--were you?) All the same links are still at the top in the same order, so hopefully the navigation change won't be confusing to anyone. Our newest addition to the navigation links is the Contact button. It gives our new members and our guests a way to reach us by e-mail, since only the Friends member group may use the board e-mail and PM systems. It's a simple fill-in form that can quickly get your comments on the way.

:spark: Spread the word! At the bottom of our pages you will now see an area below & including another new navigation bar that is a collection all the ways we have in spreading the word about ZFF to others. I think we have a wonderful archive of worship thought and images here that would be off interest to many if they only knew about it! So here are some of the things that we've added to make participation at ZFF easier and more enjoyable for you, and some things that can help noise us about.

  • Tell-a-Friend - An easy way to send our ZFF link to a friend who you know will appreciate a visit to our board. Simply add both your name and e-mail and theirs, a personal note if you like, and the link will instantly be sent to them in a friendly e-mail message with your own e-address as the sender.

  • Clickable ZFF button - The HTML code for a clickable ZFF button that links back to this message board is now available. If you have a website, we would be most grateful for it's placement somewhere on your site. For those of you who visit around other places, I'll include the bulletin board code at the bottom of this post, and also for another, slightly larger version. Either could be used in your profile or signature on other boards that allow it.

  • Add ZFF to your favorites - When you click this button, you will get a screen from your browser that inserts our message board link into your browser favorites.

  • Make ZFF your homepage - This button will bring up a screen allowing you to set ZFF as the site that opens first when you load your browser.

  • Contact Us - a way for members and non-members to reach us by e-mail. This new link is now in both the bottom and top navigation bars.

  • Jump links - to help "scroll-avoidant" people (like me!) get around more comfortably.

  • WebRing Navigator Your gateway to many other worship arts related sites. This is a great way to connect us with other like ministries. As you visit other sites on the ring, you may find some other message boards you enjoy. They are the perfect places to put a little blurb in your profile about ZFF or include our banner in your signature. More about the webring in this topic.
:spark: Tell us what you think: Our Suggestion/Feedback forum has been moved to a more accessible location on the index page. We encourage any input about this community that you would like to give us. Tell us if you like the update, for starters!

:spark: Visitor's Welcome Center: Our new Visitor's Welcome Center is another change we have implemented since discontinuing posting in our Guest Book. You will only see it if you are not logged in, and members are welcome to use the Quick Login form you will find there. Our guests who drop by will be able to find out all about us through a series of easy-to-follow and friendly links. Please see this thread for why we made the change, and a way you can help us finish the update on the Visitor's Center.
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"more is more"

BB code for this ZFF button: Posted Image

Larger version: Posted Image

Code: HTML
<a href="http://zionfirefriends.com/index.php" target="_blank"><img src="http://i1.ifrm.com/6695/23/upload/p11054920.jpg" alt="ZionFireFriends" border="0"></a>

Posted Image....See our banners in the ZionFire.com Gallery
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Love it all, Helena - seriously good stuff and you must have spent hours on it! Thank you!

I'll be putting on of those buttons on my flags for worship site ASAP!
Posted Image

Posted Image
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Very nice updates! A pat on the back to Helena and Dean! ZFF is developing to an even greater extent; it has a great purpose, with much anticipation and excitement from our very own couple, Helena and Dean. What I ecspecially like about ZFF is the purpose behind it, and not to mention the enhancement of features and images. Even though I don't interact or venture here that often, I enjoy the well comfort discussions that have a great purpose behind them! I think ZFF has been and is still developing, everything it coming along quite well. A big shout out to the ZFF community!
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Wow! It looks very nice! :praise: The changes that I read in Helena's post would seem to be just perfect--I'm all about easy navigation! :-) :up:


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Because you are my help,
I sing in the shadow of your wings.

Psalm 63:7

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