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Worship Software - sonworshiper - 02-10-2007

I've been using Worship Assistant for years now. I have been a beta tester in the past and thoroughly love this software. For me, it does everything that I need it to do--and more actually. Our church has only once used a projector, we use overheads instead. So I haven't really gotten into the whole background thing. Meaning, having a particular background come up for each song individually. (although that is something my pastor is looking forward to)

This program (WA) keeps info on worship teams, you can print overheads right from the song file, you can do set lists for each week. Tons of things. Plus! It transposes the keys when you need to! THAT is probably my personal favourite of the whole program. Being a guitarist (an "okay" one), that is beyond handy for me!

Your turn--what if any, software, do you use?




Worship Software - HelenaZF - 02-17-2007

Sounds very useful. I still do it all the old fashioned way, but would love to have the option to click and print instead of having to type things in for overheads and lead sheets.

Worship Software - sonworshiper - 02-19-2007

Yeah, I used to do this all by hand, now I just couldn't! I'm quite spoiled. Smile

The best thing is that this program will even transpose the songs for you! (guitar chords, not sheet music) Certainly makes my life easier! Smile

And it is not expensive--especially not when you look around at the prices of other worship software.